Connecting You to a Global Community of Tech Buyers [Infographic]

Our enhanced website is here, and we are so excited to share these updates with you! Whether you are a long-time visitor or have not yet had a chance to explore, this infographic will be your guide. Meet our trusted brands, explore our solutions and dive into the resources we’ve created to help marketers […]

MarketingFit Social Media Marketing 101

  Social media is an important resource for IT decision-makers (ITDMs) as the look for content and build their networks. But in the B2B world, marketers are still struggling to figure out the right social media strategy. So how do you go from using social as a megaphone shouting offers and promotions to a true […]

Technology Content Marketing 2020: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

Content Marketing Institute’s new research finds that 74% of technology marketers have a content marketing strategy. Download this report to uncover how other organizations are utilizing content marketing techniques and benchmark yourself against the competition. Download the report to learn: Top content challenges that tech marketers face Content marketing goals for the coming year Leading […]

MarketingFit Content Marketing 101

 Content really is king. But, as critical as a content strategy is to your overall marketing plan, many tech marketers still struggle to create relevant and interesting content to engage their target audience. So, how do you create great content that will resonate with tech buyers and make your organization stand out from the rest? […]

Customer-Centric Marketing: A Guide to Engaging IT Decision-Makers in the Digital-First Age

In an age of empowered buyers, customer-centric marketing is more important than ever. For tech marketers, understanding consumer priorities is critical to provide the right assets to decision-makers at the appropriate time. This video is a guide to assist marketers engage with their customers and create partnerships as organizations navigate through the digital transformation process. […]

MarketingFit Content Marketing Webcast Series

Join us for our MarketingFit Content Marketing Webcast Series with our Experts! Our three-episode webcast series – taught by IDG’s own content, strategy and insight experts – will guide you through creating an effective content marketing strategy. The series will also help you scale your reach and effectively use data and targeting insights to assist your organization in honing […]

Technology Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets And Trends

Content Marketing Institute’s latest research shows technology marketers are seeing more success with content marketing. According to the research, 75% of tech marketers reported their organization is more successful with content marketing compared with one year ago.  Download the report to learn:    The top 3 most effective content types and formats used by tech marketers  Where tech marketers focusing […]

MarketingFit Guide to: Marketing Your Technology to the Retail Sector

Retail is a mammoth industry, directly and indirectly supporting 42 million jobs in the United States. Today’s top IT decision-makers (ITDMs), are tasked with a variety of responsibilities spanning both the IT and business side of retail organizations. Based on key IDG research studies, the State of the CIO research and Customer Engagement survey, this white paper will provide an […]