Based on Foundry’s 2022 Customer Engagement research, this white paper provides insight into the content types and vendor engagement preferences of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) as these individuals have increased pressure on them to provide technology solutions for today’s economic disruptions. This year’s study found that 91% of ITDMs are still challenged to find high-quality content, however 48% of the downloaded content they’ve downloaded in the past 12 months has provided them with value which is up from 41% in 2021.

This global research of more than 600 IT decision-makers is a valuable resource for tech vendors to understand what resources to create for tech buyers and how to best engage with them throughout the purchase process. To assist technology marketers as they plan out their strategies for the upcoming year, we’ve detailed the findings in this white paper.

Download the white paper to gain deeper insight into:

  • The average timeframe ITDMs expect to be followed up with after filling out a form to learn more about a tech solution.
  • How IT decision-makers value product demos and the formats that prove the best.
  • When ITDMs respond to vendor outreach and the steps tech vendors should take to ensure communication.
  • The content types and information topics of most interest when ITDMs are researching new solutions.