B2B MarTech solutions

Foundry’s B2B MarTech solutions power ABM strategies that optimize your sales and marketing efforts. Apply them to strengthen your pipeline and drive revenue.

Intent data

Foundry Intent provides in-depth, contact-level insights across our proprietary publishing and events network, your website visitor activity, and the public web to help you scale revenue faster.

  • Identify in-market buyers
  • Prioritize and personalize outreach
  • Benefit from enhanced reporting and analytics

End-to-end ABM

The Triblio ABM platform helps you scale your account targeting capabilities. From there, you can use multi-channel campaigns to grow your pipeline and increase revenue.

  • Produce targeted advertising
  • Activate website personalization
  • Drive sales activation

Built on data, powered by machine learning

The Selling Simplified product suite is a MaaS (Marketing as a Service) platform designed to identify, nurture, and deliver sales-ready leads.

  • Identify purchase intent earlier
  • Target individuals and accounts
  • Generate demand and capture leads