Lead generation

100% digital lead generation

Foundry offers an ungated and brand-safe experience that drives, captures, and delivers organic buyer engagement.

Learn how guaranteed digital engagement from Foundry drives stronger pipeline.

Qualify leads as they progress along the buyer journey

Promote your content in an all-digital environment that encourages digital self-nurture with your content and guides prospects through every step in the buyer journey. Resulting in engaged, qualified buyers that contribute to a larger, more accurate sales pipeline.


Reach & engage B2B’s largest global database of buyers

With 150M+ global audience profiles being monitored, refreshed, and enriched daily, our first-party database is intelligent, actionable, and unmatched. Advanced audience segmentation aligns our data to your ideal customer personas, ABM strategies, install-base requirements, and intent thresholds to support all tiers of your demand generation and sales strategies — globally.

Building pipeline for tech companies around the world

Find out how Foundry helped Dynatrace achieve 3,180% ROI in a pandemic year.

Dynatrace turned to Foundry to leverage our best-in-class intent data and increase MQLs by 30%. Through an innovative digital approach, Dynatrace met internal growth demands and incurred more than 3,000% ROI during a pandemic year.


“What we loved about Foundry was the ability to curate content that guided our audience on a journey. The engagement we’re seeing is helping inform us about what our audience truly wants to hear and see, and has helped us meet growth demands like increasing MQLs by 30%”

Amy Horgan, Director of North America Marketing, Dynatrace

Does your demand gen provider deliver measurable ROI?

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Core benefits

  • Hosts multiple content formats (PDF, PPT, video, audio)
  • Customizable, ungated experience
  • Integrates with lead generation management systems
  • Additional engagement opportunities
  • Supports countless local languages
  • GDPR compliant
  • Comprehensive post-campaign reporting

Supporting products & services

Foundry Intent

Foundry intent supports Foundry advertising with precise contact-level targeting that places your messaging in front of buyers exactly when and where it will have the greatest impact.

Brand to demand

Reach, compel, and nurture in-market tech buyers with this dynamic content experience. Foundry’s BrandHub solution is designed to find the sweet spot between tech buyers and target accounts.


Surround the buying committee and connect the dots between ad impact, page views, and pipeline.

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