Where data becomes insight

Foundry’s unique blend of media and technology helps you understand your buyer’s journey, all the way through.


Fully-consented audience members


Tech terms tracked for intent


Global markets

Publisher’s data

Data that signals buyer intent

Thanks to our editorial content, tech buyers around the world engage with us and opt into an ongoing relationship with Foundry. By interpreting their data, we know precisely when they’re looking to purchase. We understand buyer intent better than anyone else.

Unique data characteristics

Verified by real people

We combine online activity with in-person events, providing an overarching view of your prospect’s buying intent

Collected in-house

Meaning data is accurate and robust

Always relevant

Because we align content with real-life buying decisions

Delivered through high-quality content

Which engages millions of IT professionals around the world

Connected to trusted editorial brands

Which provide a proprietary source of first-party data

Reach interested buyers

Our solutions help you capture intent signals across your own digital properties. Combine this with proprietary data and you’ll get a comprehensive view of your target’s buying journey. From here, you can connect directly with people who are ready to purchase.