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Exclusive access to in-depth conversations and turn-key execution

The roundtable format (in person or live) provides for in-depth conversations, candid feedback, and peer-to-peer networking. 60 minutes of dynamic discussion and the ability to listen directly to your potential customers.


Virtual roundtables guarantee senior-level executives, recruited by Foundry, for you to engage on a select topic. As the sole sponsor, you have exclusive access to in-depth conversations, candid feedback, and peer-to-peer networking. Strategic discussions, with our expertise in moderation, ensures you’ll be introduced to participants, kick-off new relationships and receive discovery insights.

Being the single sponsor at Foundry’s roundtables, you will get close to potential customers, listen to the conversation and be able to use information gathered for follow up. This is an unique opportunity to hear about potential clients needs and challenges around a topic you choose.


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Senior executives from the following organizations are just a few who have joined us recently

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