December 2022Spain

CIO 50 Awards

In this event, we will address topics such as how the modernization of the IT infrastructure , data strategies , the application of AI , automation or security , among others, are making possible a new multi- sector ecosystem , thus reshaping the ways of working established in the different verticals.

During this conference, organizations from the main sectors will be able to delve into how technology impacts the processes and businesses of their sectors: industry, communications, health, transportation, finance, manufacturing, energy, tourism, etc.

Join the Forum “Future of Industries 2022” and learn about the success stories and experiences of other professionals in your sector and other markets, to achieve success in an increasingly digitized economy.

October 2023Poland

CIO-CxO Summit

May 2023South Korea

Future of Manufacturing

June 2023South Korea

Digital Leaders’ Summit

June 2023Germany

IT-Strategietage Masterclass

The IT Strategy Days have developed into the most important industry get-together for CIOs and IT decision-makers over the past 21 years. With the Masterclass Summit, we are providing the Strategy Days Congress in June with an event that focuses on the exchange between the participants: the opening on the evening before and the Masterclass day with subsequent dinner and party offer perfect networking opportunities. It will be challenging thematically: 150 CIOs will discuss the four most important fields of action that can be derived from the Strategy Days 2023. In addition to the impulses from scientists, analysts and CIOs, each of the master classes offers sufficient time to discuss the topic together and to examine it from different perspectives.

June 2023Germany

CIO Security Summit

For companies, the topic of cyber and information security is one of the most important – because it is most business-critical – fields of action in a changing world. However, this topic usually entails major challenges, especially for IT decision-makers and business managers. It is important to ensure safe operations, to take the human factor into account and at the same time to prepare carefully for emergencies. This includes detailed plans for localizing attacks, assessing the severity of the attack, the accompanying internal and external communication, dealing with backup and recovery and strategic considerations such as zero trust or dealing with extortion.

In order to bring together know-how and experience in the context of these challenges, the CIO Cybersecurity Summit connects responsible IT decision-makers, those responsible for cyber and information security, business managers and cybersecurity experts with each other, makes best practices visible and brings together existing knowledge and insights to work out options for action.

November 2023Australia, AZN, New Zealand

Future of Intelligence Summit AU

September 2023Spain

CIO Digital Summit 2023

The CIO plays a fundamental role in the evolution of companies towards their digital transformation. His figure will be further consolidated over the next 5 years, considering his leadership as critical in the enabling of collaborative ecosystems, in the creation of new business models in collaboration with the business areas and in the development of new work models that are supported by talent management and resilience.

CIO Summit Spain 2023 is the benchmark event for CIOs . A meeting point where, hand in hand with technology leaders and IT managers from the main organizations, the challenges of CIOs will be explored at this stage, which requires effective and innovative management of disruptive solutions, uncertainty and competition.

August 24, 2023Australia, New Zealand

CIO Summit & CIO50 Awards

June 1, 2022Australia

CIO Summit Sydney

February 2023Germany

IDG Hamburger IT-Strategietage

In February 2023, the Hamburg IT Strategy Days will gather the who’s who of the local IT management community in Hamburg for the 21st time! After two years as a purely digital event, we are looking forward to a live event again this time. In addition, we will make up for the 2022 unusual party for the 20th anniversary of the strategy days. For all those who do not want to travel and still do not want to do without the high-quality content, we also offer online participation.