November, 2023ASEAN, Singapore

CIO100 Symposium & Awards

Recognising the top 100 senior technology leaders driving innovation.

The CIO 100 Symposium & Awards is built on the foundations of education, recognition and advancement. This prestigious event will offer guidance around future market priorities in relation to technology adoption, supported by honouring outstanding CIO work across Southeast Asia.
This collaborative environment is designed to offer CIOs the competitive advantage required to be successful, showcasing examples of best practice while laying out the building blocks for attainable future growth.
Specific to the awards, the CIO 100 recognises the top 100 senior technology executives driving innovation and influencing rapid change across Southeast Asia. 
May, 2023India

CIO Summit

Although 2020-22 proved to be eventful years for enterprises as a whole and CIOs in particular, 2023-24 is likely to be just as eventful. As the air clears around the pandemic, new challenges will arise. The cost of IT will come under tighter scrutiny, compelling CIOs to deliver greater value at a lower cost. Conversely, initiatives related to ESG, innovation, cybersecurity, regulations, and skill shortages will drive up the cost of IT. Balancing these conflicting priorities will be crucial.

December 2022Spain

CIO 50 Awards

In this event, we will address topics such as how the modernization of the IT infrastructure , data strategies , the application of AI , automation or security , among others, are making possible a new multi- sector ecosystem , thus reshaping the ways of working established in the different verticals.

During this conference, organizations from the main sectors will be able to delve into how technology impacts the processes and businesses of their sectors: industry, communications, health, transportation, finance, manufacturing, energy, tourism, etc.

Join the Forum “Future of Industries 2022” and learn about the success stories and experiences of other professionals in your sector and other markets, to achieve success in an increasingly digitized economy.

December 2023South Korea

IT Leaders’ Summit: The Year Ahead 2024

This exclusive event for IT Leaders is uniquely curated to offer insights and inspiration that will leave you reinvigorated as a leader by exploring the future trends in advance.

June 2023Germany

IT-Strategietage Masterclass

Meet with CIOs and IT decision-makers as they take a deep-dive into the industry’s most pressing challenges.

June 2023Germany

CIO Cyber Security Summit

Share your ideas, best practices and solutions with IT leaders in charge of cybersecurity with their organisations.

November 2023ANZ, Australia

CIO’s Future of Intelligence Summit

Empowered by data intelligence 

The Future of Intelligence Summit will explain the key steps to integrating the data, technology and culture required for creating successful business insights, and why this will accelerate revenues and profits in this new data-led, digital-first business world.  

The must-attend Future of Intelligence Summit will empower organisations’ future decision-making, exploring the IT systems that need to be in place, the advanced technologies that will support or analyse real-time data in new ways, and provide case studies of data intelligence in action. And of course, it will look how an organisation’s culture will be the difference in successfully exploiting that intelligence, allowing them to innovate in their products or services. 

September 2023Spain

CIO Digital Summit

Present to IT leaders looking for new, proven ideas and solutions that can benefit their businesses and careers.

June, 2023Australia

CIO 50 Symposium & Awards

One of the most prestigious and coveted leadership events and awards in technology.

This event is not simply about learning from the best CIOs; it will define the modern role of the CIO and their respective teams, balancing both technical expertise with the overall wellbeing of the employee.

June 1, 2022Australia

CIO Summit Sydney

February 2023Germany

IDG Hamburger IT-Strategietage

In February 2023, the Hamburg IT Strategy Days will gather the who’s who of the local IT management community in Hamburg for the 21st time! After two years as a purely digital event, we are looking forward to a live event again this time. In addition, we will make up for the 2022 unusual party for the 20th anniversary of the strategy days. For all those who do not want to travel and still do not want to do without the high-quality content, we also offer online participation.

September 21, 2023Ireland, United Kingdom

The Official CIO Summit UK

CIO UK’s flagship event connects you with UK IT leaders looking for new, proven ideas that can benefit their businesses and careers.