In this episode of CMO Perspectives, Jamie Domenici, Chief Marketing Officer at GoTo, joins Foundry’s Global CRO, Matt Yorke, to discuss the company’s transformation and rebrand from LogMeIn to GoTo in 2022. GoTo helps small and growing businesses focus on communicating with and supporting their customers and employees.

Rebuilding GoTo’s brand identity and go-to-market strategy

In February 2022, LogMeIn garnered attention when it announced a complete company overhaul with its rebrand to GoTo. Domenici, who “was brought on to bring change and clarity” to the company brand and portfolio, drove this change in a bold way in her first months onboard. Demonstrating to the CEO and board in her interview that the legacy brand and portfolio made it hard to understand what the company sold, stood for, and how they provided value, Domenici offered a marketing-led solution that would bring clarity, simplicity, and a clear value prop to the company.

During her first month in her role as CMO, Domenici sold the idea of the identity change to her board and led the rebrand to GoTo with a focus on reducing complexity. It was important to Domenici that each aspect of the transformation drive efficiency and spend as well. Much more than a name change, the almost year-long rebrand effort catalyzed a refreshed visual identity, go-to-market strategy, product portfolio, and complete digital transformation. By consolidating 13 brands, 16 websites and 18 products, the rebrand to GoTo simplified the company’s go-to-market strategy, allowing both their employees and customers to better understand the product portfolio and leverage GoTo’s offerings in a more efficient and lucrative way.

Reflecting on the rebrand & prioritizing corporate communication

In reflecting on the process and success of the rebrand, Domenici cited two related areas she sees as benefitting from heavy investment: a robust corporate comms strategy and sales enablement initiatives. She advises that guiding your own employees along the journey of a rebrand takes a lot of effort and thoughtfulness, and the more comfortable teams are with everything from the product portfolio to the brand identity to the reasons for change, the better the experience will be internally, in the market, and for customers throughout the buyer’s journey.

As a tip for those planning a transformation of any scale, Domenici says “I believe your whole company needs to be certified on your value prop—not just your sales team.”

Marketing’s role in customer experience

Domenici also knows the importance that having an intimate understanding of the overall customer experience plays in the role of the CMO. Over her career as a marketer, Domenici deliberately spent 3 years in a customer success role at Salesforce to gain first-hand experience on the end-to-end customer journey. A key takeaway from that role: the first 30-days are crucial in the buyers’ experience, and the more personalization present and deeper connections that are made will make for a more loyal customer and better business. Knowledge of the customer journey is crucial for marketing teams who proceed to manage the end-to-end lifecycle engagement.

Measuring brand health with intent

While brand health and impact can be challenging to measure, Domenici and her team are leaning into intent data to identify and understand indicators of success tied to the rebrand to GoTo. Her model looks at both quantitative and qualitative signals to learn what’s working and what’s not based on concrete datapoints. These signals, paired with first-party intent, are helping Domenici’s team craft increasingly personalized, effective messaging across marketing efforts and interactions across the customer lifecycle.

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