2019 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker Research

The 2019 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker study provides in-depth information about the evolving influence IT decision-makers play in today’s corporations. In its 12th year, the study looks at the current types of technology purchases that are being made, how IT decision-makers are educating themselves throughout the tech purchase process, and their expectations when meeting with tech vendors. New this year we dig deeper into vendor selection by looking at what prompts an ITDM to seek a new vendor, and when in the purchase process they typically contact a tech vendor.

Key Findings:

  • Digital business transformation is no longer a question – 93% of organizations have plans to pursue and 48% already have an active digital-first approach.
  • Within the world of digital transformation, incumbent vendors no longer have an advantage. The number one reason ITDMs seek new vendors is because they are introducing a new type of product or service into the organization, followed by their current product/service no longer meets their business needs.
  • The buying committee continues to expand as a greater number of influencers are involved than in the past, but it’s important to note that the number of influencers differs by the technology being purchased.
  • IT decision-makers use a variety of sources to educate themselves throughout the tech purchase process, and we see that these sources vary by the stage of the purchase process they are in.
  • When IT decision-makers meet with tech vendors, they hope to gain more detailed information specific to their business use case/needs, and they also value product demos and case studies.

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For more information on this research, download the white paper “The Drive to Transform Powers a More Inclusive Buying Dynamic



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