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Multiple intent sources combine to capture buying behavior where it happens – giving you the power to take action.

Foundry Intent helps your team:

  • Identify in-market buyers at the contact level
  • Engage them with targeted messaging at every stage
  • Accelerate pipeline with data you can trust

Find a time to chat about Foundry’s global intent data for audience building, ad targeting, and demand generation.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do we collect intent?

    Our intent data is collected from your website, social media interactions, engagements across the public web, research signals on global content, and Foundry’s proprietary audiences from our publishing network, events data, and branded conversations with real people.

  • I already use intent data. How is this different?

    We’re looking at intent differently, because buying doesn’t happen in one place. Most other vendors are only showing you intent signals from one place, like reading content. Foundry Intent is looking for buying signals on your website, the public web, our owned networks, and beyond for a more comprehensive view of who’s in-market and how. Then, we match intent signals with buyers and buying committees showing propensity to buy and send it your way, with their associated activity for immediate and personalized activation.

  • What’s the pricing for Foundry Intent?

    Pricing and packaging is dependent on data volume and use case. Contact us to learn more.

  • I’m already a Foundry customer, how can Foundry Intent help?

    We’re here to help you scale revenue faster. Convert intent data with advertising, lead generation, ABM, and more from Foundry. If you want to learn more, email your account manager.


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