2020 Security Priorities Study

IDG’s fourth annual Security Priorities study aims to gain a better understanding of the various security projects organizations are focused on now and in the coming year. This year’s research also looks at the issues that will demand the most time and strategic thinking for IT and security teams, with a focus on the COVID-19 […]

Marketing Security Products & Services

Based on CSO’s Pandemic Impact Survey fielded in March right when the affects of COVID-19 started to be felt, 61% of security leaders expressed greater concern about attacks targeting work from home employees. Another 73% said that the impact of this pandemic will alter the way businesses evaluate risk for at least the next five […]

CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2020 Executive Summary

The CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2020 research outlines the technology areas that IT leaders will focus on in the upcoming year and measures the spending direction for each of these technologies. Even before the global pandemic brought by COVID-19, the focus on balancing innovation and securing the organization were top of mind, as the results found […]

CSO Pandemic Impact Survey

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social and work restrictions have been in place in many areas throughout the United States since mid-March. To get a better understanding of how organizations were prepared from a security perspective and the impact that security leaders expect to be long lasting, CSO conducted the CSO Pandemic Impact Survey, which surveyed […]

CSO Pandemic Impact Survey

With the imposition of social and work restrictions imposed by governments and businesses in response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19, organizations around the U.S. are coming face-to-face with the new “normal”, and it’s turning out to be anything but. From the beginning it’s been clear that the rules we have operated under for decades are changing…and […]

Security Impact of COVID-19 [Infographic]

Based on the CSO Pandemic Impact Survey, which was fielded between March 19-23, 2020, this infographic outlines how COVID-19 is affecting the security within organizations. As employees rapidly transitioned to working from home, IT and security departments were tasked with making sure their security infrastructure was prepared. Continue reading below to see how businesses have […]

Security Priorities Blog Series – Part Three: Keeping a Strategic Focus is Difficult

When a security team can focus more of their time addressing strategic issues, as opposed to tactical ones, we know that a host of benefits can flow from that. Less downtime, fewer breaches, and fewer financial losses, to name a few. The challenge, for any organization, is that there are always those tactical issues that […]

Security Priorities Blog Series – Part Two: Where Security Falls Down

While it’s necessary to comprehend the key security priorities for organizations year over year, what I find even more interesting to examine is where security feels they are falling down. What are those areas in which they give themselves a poor grade, regardless of the reason? These topics are, in some ways, even more important […]

Security Priorities Blog Series – Part One: Top Priorities for Next 12 Months

There’s an old saying, “you can’t fix something until you admit it’s broken.” I’m often drawn back to that when I look at how businesses are addressing security and the guard rails that are put in place to guide their approach. For years, security leaders have struggled to adopt a smart, risk-based approach to security, […]

Secure Your Relationship with Security Execs – Insights from the Security Priorities Breakfast, Palo Alto

Marketers need to get inside the minds of their customers. In the security world, that means the mind of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Bay Area technology marketers enjoyed a great chance to do so at IDG’s Security Priorities Breakfast, hosted by CSO Publisher Bob Bragdon on October 10th in Palo Alto. The meeting […]

2019 Security Priorities Webcast

Security continues to be a top consideration for organizations. The security landscape is in constant flux, meaning that the roles of CIOs/CISOs are always evolving. To have in-depth conversations about the security landscape, tech marketers need to understand these evolving security roles as well as the technologies that organizations are investing in. Fortunately, CSO’s SVP/Publisher […]

2019 Security Priorities Executive Summary

The 2019 Security Priorities executive summary provides insight into the factors that are driving security investment, the solutions and technologies that organizations are investing in to improve their security posture, and where companies are noticing some gaps in their security strategy. This year’s research found that organizations are taking security seriously, as 69% of organizations […]