Andrew Mahr

Chief Customer Officer, SaaS

Andrew fell in love with technology in middle school, writing PERL apps and wasting absurd hours overclocking Pentium chips. At Georgetown he majored in government but continued coding on the side, eventually writing an event management system to handle campus-wide ticket lotteries and, rumor had it, generate event passes for girls he wanted to impress. For the last 15 years he's been leading SaaS revenue teams in B2B martech. He grew up Third Culture but is now just about settled in the Metro DC area.

Articles by Andrew Mahr


Marketing for trust in the AI era

Robots aren’t coming for your job, but they are meddling with brand trust The next 2-3 years look to be a remarkable transition in B2B marketing that will define the discipline for a decade or more.  Of course, the last 12 months have seen no shortage of gloomy takes on the outlook for B2B marketers. [...]

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