According to the global 2024 State of the CIO study, 89% of organizations in North America expect their overall IT budget to either increase or stay the same this year. North American CIOs expect an increase in budget to keep pace with rising costs of technology and services, improve security, and to invest in emerging technologies such as AI. 

The majority (83%) of North American CIOs say they are becoming a changemaker, increasingly leading technology and business initiatives. These CIOs are spending more time improving IT operations/systems performance and also aligning IT initiatives with business goals. 

In the infographic below, you’ll get a full view into:

  • Budget expectations for CIOs in North America
  • The top business and technology priorities for this year
  • How the CIO is working more often with LOB executives
  • Where CIOs are spending more and less time this year
  • The increasing involvement the NA CIO has in AI