The 2024 State of the CIO research reveals that the CIO role in the APAC region is becoming elevated. These individuals are spending more time improving IT operations/systems performance while working more closely with line of business executives when determining the business need of new technologies. 

Additionally, 91% of APAC CIOs anticipate their overall IT budget will either increase or remain the same in 2024, with the top technology initiatives driving IT investments being AI/machine learning, security/risk management, and business process automation. Supporting this, 84% of APAC CIOs agree that they’re tasked with researching and evaluating possibly AI additions to their tech stack. 

In the infographic below, you’ll get a full view into:

  • Budget expectations for CIOs in APAC
  • The top business and technology priorities for this year
  • How the CIO is working more often with LOB executives
  • Where CIOs are spending more and less time this year
  • The increasing involvement the APAC CIO has in AI