Video series

Hell-bent on intent

Dive deep into intent with experts and skeptics to break down what intent data is, how it works, and what it means for B2B tech.

Kamil Rextin | 42 Agency

Does intent data work?

Our guest, Kamil Rextin, is suspicious of the intent data industry. Does the intent data industry make false promises? He believes that intent data isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This fiery debate breaks down what intent data claims to be versus what it actually does.

Tina Bean | KickFire, a Foundry company

First-party intent data

We sit down with KickFire’s Tina Bean to unpack all things first-party intent data. Only 3% of your website visitors fill out a form, how do you unlock the other 97%? Why should B2B marketers care about first-party data in the first place?

Dale Durret | Bombora

How Bombora gathers intent data

What is more effective: account-level or contact-level data? Can competing services complement each other? Dale Durrett, VP of Partnerships at Bombora, shares his perspective on intent data, how it’s used and how he sees it fitting into the broader martech ecosystem.

Andre Yee | Martech veteran

ABM campaigns need contact-level intent data

How does intent data fit into an ABM campaign? 67% of marketers report struggling to activate their intent data. Andre Yee argues that contact-level intent is the last mile in intent activation in ABM strategies. Targeting the right people, within the right companies, at the right time is a must-have. 

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