State of the CIO webcast 2023

The 2023 State of the CIO research provides an understanding of how the role of the CIO continues to evolve in today’s business climate and helps define the CIO’s 2023 agenda. This exclusive presentation and discussion is presented by CIO and the CIO Executive Council, and hosted by John Gallant, Enterprise Consulting Director at Foundry. John is […]

State of the CIO executive summary 2023

Recent economic and geopolitical challenges have prompted organizations across most industries to prioritize cost management and performance optimization. Both dynamics have kept CIOs’ focus on operations even while their leadership role expands in preparation for the next wave of digital innovation. The 2023 State of the CIO Study, which surveyed 837 IT leaders and 201 […]

State of the CIO Study 2023

This year, organizations are prioritizing cost management and performance optimization as the economy continues to be in an unprecedented state. But CIOs are remaining optimistic and focusing on operations even while their leadership role expands in preparation for the next wave of digital innovation. Foundry’s annual State of the CIO research highlights this shift in […]

How I do it: Kumaran Ramanathan, President, Foundry

This article was originally published by Colin Morrison in Flashes & Flames’ ‘How I do it’ series on 29 July, 2022. To enjoy more premium content like this, visit Flashes & Flames site. Kumaran Ramanathan (“Ram”) is president of Foundry (formerly IDG Communications) the media-data-events subsidiary of the US-based IDG Inc. He is a Brit […]

APAC CIOs take action to modernize and improve IT operations

CIO’s 21st annual State of the CIO research helps define the role of the CIO as businesses continue to navigate the tech landscape. This 2022 research shows that APAC CIOs devoted significant time this year to operationalizing new technology investments to deliver on promised business outcomes while also working hard to drive innovation. Download this executive summary […]

Explore the role of the CIO in EMEA

IT leaders in the EMEA region spent the last year advancing key business strategies while making sure the fundamentals of pandemic-fueled digital innovation and technology investments were sound. According to the global 2022 State of the CIO research, EMEA CIOs balanced the bulk of their time between transformational and functional duties, however were more likely to […]

Who is the CIO? Defining IT leaders and their roles

The 21st annual State of the CIO research is here, and this year’s edition reveals the technology and business initiatives IT leaders have for their organizations in 2022 and beyond. Other areas covered include the impact of the pandemic on the IT organization, reporting structure, IT budgets, hiring and retaining skills, and much more. To […]

State of the CIO 2022 white paper

CIOs’ next chapter: finessing pandemic-accelerated innovation Today, CIOs are ensuring their pandemic-era investments are driving real business value in 2022 while making additional investments in foundational capabilities to integrate security and resiliency into existing and future digital efforts. Based on the 2022 State of the CIO research, this white paper looks at how the role of […]

Insight into the pandemic’s impact on the future of work [Infographic]

Albeit for good reason, it’s been far too long since businesses were able to regularly function in an office setting. By the end of 2021, 85% of organizations will have begun their return to a physical workplace plan, according to CIO’s Pandemic Business Impact research. While many may be eager to jump back in, hybrid […]

CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2021

As businesses continue to bounce back from the past 15 months and build out their strategy for the upcoming year, IT decision-makers (ITDMs) are tasked with researching and implementing new technologies. CIO’s Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2021 research outlines the areas IT leaders will be focused on and measures the direction of spending in those […]

CIO Role Expands into the Customer Experience [Infographic]

Looking ahead to the business initiatives that will drive the most IT investment throughout 2021, CIOs rank transforming existing business processes, increasing cybersecurity protections, and improving the customer experience at the top of the list according to the 2021 State of the CIO research. In addition, more than half (57%) of CIOs say that the […]

2021 State of the CIO White Paper

The CIO’s shift from tech-centric manager to business strategist and transformational leader has been steadily evolving over the last few years. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic which accelerated the shift and solidified the CIO’s status among the business. Based on the 2021 State of the CIO research, this white paper looks how the CIO role […]