In its first year, Foundry’s Future of Work study was conducted to better understand the workplace impact of the pandemic over the past two plus years and how organizations are planning to move forward, especially as it relates to remote and hybrid work. To no surprise, the research found that 94% of organizations shifted to some sort of hybrid work structure due to the pandemic which then forced the creation of new, more efficient and potentially long-lasting workflows and processes (62%). When thinking about the technology initiatives that are likely to remain permanent, the majority of IT decision-makers report maintaining a hybrid workforce and the adoption of new security solutions for remote work.

While the research found that hybrid and remote work are here to stay, IT decision-makers expressed a handful of concerns that they will need to address with technology. Such as the ability to efficiently collaborate, employee and/or IT staff morale and burnout, and maintaining secure systems and processes. Additionally, 40% agree that it’s challenging to create an equitable and collaborative meeting experience for hybrid teams.

With that being said, IT decision-makers need support from their vendor partners in order to successfully move forward with their future of work plans. To better understand these plans, the concerns associated with them, and the technologies that your customers are seeking, view the key takeaways below and download the full executive summary.

Key takeaways for tech marketers:
  1. Overall, IT decision-makers believe there has been a positive shift in the remote and hybrid work mindset due to the work from home transition.

  2. Organizations are planning for hybrid or remote work, with very few preparing for an office-only environment. Smaller organizations are more likely to have either an office only or remote only option without hybrid.

  3. Along with flexible work, tech decision-makers expect increased investment in security solutions to be a long-lasting impact due to the pandemic and remote work.

  4. While employees value the flexibility, there are a few concerns around hybrid/ remote work including efficient collaboration, morale and burnout, and security maintenance.

  5. IT decision-makers are easing these concerns with technology – when making a product selection they look for value, business need, and quality factors.

View the sample slides below for additional insight and download the full summary to better understand and engage with IT decision-makers as they navigate their future of work plans. To request a meeting with a Foundry’s sales executive to walk through the full study, please complete the form at the right.