Foundry developed a custom event experience with immersive learning opportunities on IBM’s analytics offerings for over 1000 attendees.

The client

IBM is a global technology company that provides hardware, software, cloud-based services and
cognitive computing.

Client challenge

Help customers learn new skills and build credentials while proving the overall value of IBM analytics solutions and how they can transform businesses through a multi-day event in multiple locations.

Campaign objective

Produce a world-class learning experience that provides quality engagement with customers. Develop a strategic pre- and post-event marketing plan that includes quality content and promotions to further IBM brand awareness.

Program strategy & solution

Building off the first IBM Analytics University, Foundry developed a custom event experience that expanded on the previous year to include more robust content, in-depth discussions, hands-on workshops and product demonstrations on IBM’s analytics offerings. From a call for papers to delegate marketing and smart badges tracking activity onsite, Foundry provided turnkey and value-added services for a seamless event experience for IBM and an immersive learning opportunity for technology decision-makers.

“Being able to meet with and collaborate with the Planning Analytics Product Design team was immeasurable. Providing sessions to allow users/developers share their insights with the Designers I believe will deliver solid results.”

—  Andrew P. Hornyak, Sr. Bi Developer, University of Pittsburgh

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