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Custom Research Services

“We loved working with the research team, they set clear expectations and stuck to their timelines. They also gave us deadlines, which […]

Event 07/19/2022

CSO Security Summit

The sharp rise in local data breaches has exposed a serious weakness in cyber strategies across Australia, as businesses emerge from the […]

Your Lead Scoring Workbook

We all know that leads are the lifeblood for business opportunities. No matter the organization or industry, lead generation is hugely important […]

Explore data-driven plans in EMEA

Based on Foundry’s 2022 Data & Analytics Study, this executive summary provides insight into the data-driven initiatives IT decision-makers (ITDMs) in EMEA have […]

Future of Work Study 2022

In its first year, Foundry’s Future of Work study was conducted to better understand the workplace impact of the pandemic over the […]