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Foundry events in South Korea

Our trusted global brands bring together a cross-section of senior-level technology leaders from a variety of industries. Through our networks, we deliver events that focus on the key issues that are impacting CIOs and their teams. Our sponsors get to meet the real decision makers behind Korea’s largest organisations. We deliver a series of high-quality events both in person and virtually, ranging in size from a Summit, through to a webinar and then bespoke roundtable products.

27 November 2024APAC, South Korea

TNBT Awards – Korea

Today’s innovators, tomorrow’s icons.

The Next Big Thing (TNBT) Awards bring together Foundry’s CIO and CSO Awards to run alongside IDC’s Future Enterprise Awards.

The awards recognise the innovators from our industry, and create an eco-system of award winning industry leaders across the APAC region.

Running on 27 November 2024, TNBT Awards Korea will be held in Seoul, Korea.

27 November 2024APAC, South Korea

TNBT – The Next Big Thing – Korea

Humanising technology for purposeful innovation

In 2024, IDC Asia Pacific and Foundry Asia Pacific are partnering to present a unified technology conference. This strategic consolidation offers sponsors and end users an unparalleled opportunity to connect, engage, and influence the tech industry in the Asia Pacific region. Unveil the technology of tomorrow, take charge of your future narratives, and be a frontrunner where your brand becomes part of an evolving tech chronicle at The Next Big Thing.

TNBT Korea will be held in Seoul on the 27 November and this edition will focus on the future of digital business, and an outlook for technology and business in Korea in 2025. The TNBT Awards will take place in conjunction with the conference.