The modern B2B purchase journey is complex. Done right, account based marketing (ABM) practices can help you strengthen your marketing strategy, win new accounts and grow revenue. However, before you jump head first into ABM, there are a few common misconceptions you may have heard about that should be addressed. 

Misconception #1: ABM is a trend or buzzword

One of the most common misconceptions about ABM is that it’s a “trend”. However, ABM strategies continue to prove long-lasting impacts in the B2B market space, and we are seeing more organizations move to an account-based framework. TOPO reports that over 80% of organizations that have launched ABM campaigns for a year or more have met or exceeded expectations. 

Misconception #2: ABM is outbound only

A common misconception is ABM is solely an outbound approach. Successful ABM campaigns use both inbound and outbound marketing to provide relevant messaging to important stakeholders and decision makers. ABM strategies focus on identifying target accounts while engaging ALL stakeholders using the most effective marketing channels and tactics across as many touch points as possible.

Misconception #3: It’s a narrow tactic

While some people think ABM is a narrow tactic reserved for only your top few accounts, that’s not the case. ABM allows businesses to scale hundreds or even thousands of accounts at once. Using ABM technology, companies can scale a 1:1 approach to many accounts with  personalized messaging based on intent data. For example, Triblio helped their customer Insperity improve SDR prospecting from 30,000 to only the highest value accounts which resulted in a 500% increase in SDR efficiency.

Misconception #4: ABM is all about marketing (leaves behind sales)

ABM is not for just marketing or just sales, it works to align efforts between the two that requires strong alignment under a clear common goal. In fact, adopting and adapting to an account-based approach centralizes your organization.When companies have strong sales and marketing alignment, ABM programs run smoothly, and sales are converted.  

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