Foundry’s inaugural 2023 AI Priorities Study was conducted to better understand how organizations are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI (Gen AI) as these tools become more mainstream. The research found companies of all sizes and across industries ramping up investment levels in AI, including traditional IT systems fortified with AI-infused capabilities.

As companies move forward, they are drawn to the magnitude of efficiency, cost savings, and innovation possibilities with AI and Generative AI. Yet the enthusiasm is tempered by concerns about privacy, security, and ethical use case risks along with implementation challenges ranging from integration to scarcity of skilled AI talent.

Download the executive summary to learn:

  • If organizations have dedicated technology budgets for AI projects
  • Which business objectives are driving AI investments
  • The overwhelming interest around Gen AI and its use cases
  • How IT decision-makers are preparing for the integration of Gen AI
  • The concerns that ITDMs have with AI and Gen AI implementation

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