Preferred Content Types for APAC Tech Buyers

Based on the 2021 Customer Engagement study, this white paper details the APAC specific technology decision-maker. What are the content types they rely on throughout the purchase process? When should a technology vendor follow-up and how should they engage? This year’s research found APAC tech buyers are having a challenging time finding high-quality content, and value technology vendors who can educate them throughout each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Download the APAC white paper to gain insight into:

  • How the pandemic caused shifts in content consumption habits, whether that be ITDMs are spending more time reading or watching videos online.
  • The percentage of content that provides APAC tech buyers with value, and how to ensure tech marketers consistently provide value.
  • The types of content APAC ITDMs rely on and how virtual events played a role this past year.


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