Examining the Many Roles & Responsibilities Within Software Development 

IDG’s 2019 Role of the Developer survey set out to better understand how developers are spending their time and what they’d like to focus more on, along with how technology modernizations are impacting their roles. This executive summary explores the current priorities of these individuals, the skills they’d like to strengthen, along with the challenges that are hindering their work. We look at how microservices, DevOps, and open source, to name a few, fit into the day-to-date activities of development-focused IT decision-makers. 89% of respondents report that the role of the development team at their organizations has been impacted due to technology modernization. 

Download the summary to learn:

  • How the roles involved in driving business forward through software development range further than the traditional developer title.
  • The key tasks that developers focus their time on and where they would like to focus more time.
  • Top skills required for success in their role, along with the challenges hindering their work. 
  • The technology terms that strongly resonate with developers, and the tools/solutions they plan on integrating into their application development strategy. 

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