Foundry curated a digital experience to reshape Dimension Data’s perception among CIOs & CXOs, transforming their brand image in the IT solutions landscape. The experience achieved 97.2K site visits and 9K+ engagements.

The client

Dimension Data is a leading IT global systems integrator and managed services provider.

Client challenge

Utilize quality editorial perspective to shift the perception of Dimension Data among CIOs and CXOs in the tech industry.

Campaign objective

The goal of this program was to emphasize human achievements and highlight industry greatness in the fields of education, healthcare, automotive and financial services.

Program strategy & solution

Foundry curated a one-of-a-kind “accelerate into digital” experience that included a custom website, articles written by our editorial experts, documentary style films, infographics, rich media units and an animated film. The “accelerate into digital” experience provided a quality digital environment that bridged the gap between Dimension Data and their target accounts and verticals . The content resonated with Foundry’s global audience of CIOs and CXOs and drove engagements that far exceeded initial campaign goals and provided valuable user intelligence for Dimension Data to use in nurture initiatives.

Key benefits: Emotional branding

Foundry created a space where our client could utilize the emotions behind each of Dimension Data’s stories of industry achievement to create a bond between the target audience and the brand. Through quality content and dynamic media storytelling, this campaign was able to emotionally connect with Foundry’s audience and help change Dimension Data’s brand perception in the IT solutions landscape.

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