Dynatrace turned to Foundry to leverage our quality data and increase MQLs. Through an innovative digital approach, Dynatrace met internal growth demands and incurred more than 3,000% ROI in a pandemic year.

The client 

Dynatrace, a global leader in observability, AIOps, and
software intelligence, became a public entity in 2019.

Client challenge

When the world faced a global pandemic and unprecedented digital demands, Dynatrace needed a vendor with rich first-party data and an innovative approach to generating qualified, engaged leads. In early 2020, Dynatrace began looking for a vendor that could reach their audience in new ways with relevant, targeted content. They wanted users to be able to self-educate and self-nurture, which required a platform that was engaging and user-centric.

Program strategy & solution

Dynatrace was tasked with a considerable marketing objective—to grow MQLs by 30%—pre-pandemic. So when the pandemic hit, they needed fresh ways to engage with their audience and reach those goals.

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