Today we celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) – a valuable opportunity to acknowledge the widespread achievements of women, and to also honor those who have (and continue to) advocate for equality and change. In 1975, The United Nations named March 8th as IWD, even though the groundwork in observing the activism for women dates back to 1911. This commitment has had results, as women excel globally as business executives, political leaders and entertainment icons, just to name a few. However, the need to accelerate women’s equality is still a constant globally. Expanding off of this year’s IWD theme, Choose to Challenge – which acknowledges that through challenge comes change and that we can all choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements — we wanted to highlight a few resources to help you celebrate International Women’s Day and elevate women in our business/marketing community.

  • Digital Marketing Resources & Training – Women’s Enterprise Centre: Founded in 1995, the Women’s Enterprise Centre helps women start, lead and grow their own businesses. Check out these resources they pulled together to help you advance your digital marketing skills.
  • National Association for Female Executives: Founded in 1972, NAFE has served as one of the country’s largest associations for women professionals and business owners. Resources include education, networking, and public advocacy.
  • National Women’s Business Council: This federal advisory committee helps to advance women entrepreneurs to ultimately grow America’s economy. One of their key priorities is encouraging women to progress in STEM.
  • Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast: Hosted by Amy Porterfield, this podcast provides expert interviews, mini execution plans, and weekly marketing inspiration. 
  • The Female Lead: A campaign founded by Edwina Dunn that celebrates women’s stories, and showcases the lesser-known successes of women, in order to support and encourage the next generation.
  • Total Annarchy Newsletter: Ann Handley, a sought-after digital marketer and writer, is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs. Her newsletter, Total Annarchy, shares new writing tips, marketing ideas, and more.

These resources are just a glimpse into helping support women success and growth. Check out this article, Women in Leadership – the Focus of this Year’s International Women’s Day, published on CMO Australia which focuses on how the pandemic has impacted women and girls, and how diverse women’s voices and experiences are essential to global and national pandemic recovery plans. Additionally, insight into women in tech is outlined in this CIO article Women in Tech Statistics: The Hard Truths of an Uphill Battle.