Events Intelligence: Webinar series

The Events Intelligence Webinar Series is a bi-monthly digital program. It provides tech marketers with cutting-edge research on the latest trends in event marketing, tips on connecting with key IT decision-makers, and strategies to create meaningful connections at both digital and in-person events.

Tech Marketer’s Guide to Virtual Events

While there’s no arguing that virtual and face-to-face events are the same (different is just different!), marketers should take advantage of the many strengths virtual events have to offer to maximize your sponsorship and get great results connecting with ITDMs. The Tech Marketer’s Guide to Virtual Events will provide the tips you (and your sales […]

Webex by Cisco – Event sponsorship case study

Connect with your ideal clients at the CIO 100 Awards Webex by Cisco is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, webinars and screen sharing. When connection is so integral to the company, where better to form important client connections than a celebration of excellence for industry leading CIOs. Learn more about this partnership in […]

Mastering the trends in event marketing

Episode 1: March 14, 2022 Despite foundational market changes, event marketing initiatives continue to be among the most effective ways for businesses to reach their most important audiences. Listen in on an informative discussion between Laurie Buczek, Research Vice President, CMO Advisory Practices, IDC and Nicole Peck, Vice President, Marketing Global Events, Foundry. Key Themes How the […]

Tech Events in 2022: Digital, In Person or Both?

As 2021 nears its end, one thing is for sure: Digital events are a successful event format for the tech market and they are here to stay. Demand for digital events remain strong even in regions where return to in-person is starting to ramp back up. Why? Elevating Virtual Experiences The pandemic afforded event producers […]

4 Tips for Building Stronger Relationships through Virtual Events

IT pros have been consuming content and successfully connecting online for more than two decades; however, this pandemic for sure made this channel the only option for many to connect on. Many months later, we all know it is a viable solution, as many businesses and online conferences have thrived. We expect tech professionals will continue to attend virtual events long after we return to face-to-face meetings. However, the rules of engagement during virtual events are […]

3 Quick Ways to Transition Your Physical Event Efforts to Virtual

Hopefully the immediate business adjustments and re-prioritization of efforts are behind you – making sure employees are safe and staying healthy, getting people set up in their new work from home office spaces, staying connected, etc. – during these very unique times. And if so, your sights have probably returned to driving business forward and […]

Transitioning to Digital: 4 Digital Event Types and How to Use Them

As an event marketer, you may suddenly be faced with a whole host of unfamiliar digital or virtual event types that are being offered up as ways to leverage the work you have already put into your physical events presence and continue to drive leads. To help you decide which format is right for the […]

Event Marketing in a Crisis Environment

In the 18 years since we launched CSO magazine, we have kept a close watch on crisis situations – part and parcel of the risk management discussion we guide our readers through. In 2002/3 it was SARS. In 2006/7 it was all about pandemic planning as businesses braced for Avian Flu. After that is was […]

Secure Your Relationship with Security Execs – Insights from the Security Priorities Breakfast, Palo Alto

Marketers need to get inside the minds of their customers. In the security world, that means the mind of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Bay Area technology marketers enjoyed a great chance to do so at IDG’s Security Priorities Breakfast, hosted by CSO Publisher Bob Bragdon on October 10th in Palo Alto. The meeting […]

Driving Data: Strategic Insights from Marketing Execs at IDG ENGAGE Menlo Park

It’s not every day that marketers are able to connect with so many of their industry peers in one location. Fortunately, IDG ENGAGE Menlo Park opened the door for tech marketing execs to network with one another and hear our expert marketing panelists speak candidly about their marketing strategy in the digital age. Needless to […]

Marketing Execs Discuss Marketing in a Data-Driven World at IDG ENGAGE Boston

In today’s competitive business landscape, many marketers are faced with a common challenge: how to execute a successful marketing campaign that will engage target audiences and drive business. Fortunately, the solution is readily available within the datasphere. In today’s data-driven world, quality insights have the power to transform an organization’s marketing initiatives to drive results […]