May 2023Germany

CIO Charity Run

Germany’s CIOs and IT managers play sports for a good cause. It doesn’t matter whether it’s running shoes, a wheelchair or a bicycle: with every kilometer you support the charity campaign of the CIO community and collect donations for more educational justice, equal opportunities and the digital integration of teenagers and young adults.

December 2022Poland

IT Architect Forum

The most important event in the area of IT architecture construction and development in organizations.

For 23 years, the conference has been a platform for exchanging experiences of managers responsible for managing the organizations IT architecture. It is an opportunity to learn about current challenges and best practices related to the architectural approach in organizations.

The program includes issues related to the role of corporate architecture in the face of dynamic changes in organizations, innovations in IT architecture, as well as the changing role of IT architects and corporate architecture in companies.

November 2023Poland

Industry 4.0

Companies that enter the path of industrial transformation benefit from this enormous benefits, i.e. increased efficiency, optimization and saving of resources, reduction of costs, which translates into increased competitiveness and increased profitability. Production flexibility has become the goal of production companies, allowing for easy change of the production profile and its personalization, while maintaining cost effectiveness.

This breakthrough change in production efficiency, called the fourth industrial revolution, is possible thanks to highly advanced process automation and synergy of implemented information technologies. The aim of the conference is to popularize the most effective applications of technologies in line with the concept of industry 4.0.