March 2023Spain

Government Digital Forum

The essential event for the digitization of the Public Administration

The challenges that companies face are also the same ones that Public Administrations face in a context in which the double transformation of the administration (internal and external), forces them to undertake structural reforms that accelerate the digital transformation of the administration.

The Digital Spain 2025 Plan is an “ambitious and innovative” commitment that anticipates the structural reforms and investments necessary for the future and ensures the continuity of traditional policies to deploy infrastructure, increase connectivity and make Spanish companies more digital, especially the pymes.

In the event, the heads of different Public Administrations together with the providers of technological solutions, will address the main challenges that Public Administrations will have to face in the short and medium term, to accompany this process of transformation of the current economy.

March 2, 2023Poland

State 2.0

STATE 2.0 for one of the most important events of the year in the country’s digitization strategy.

In 2021, the conference was attended by over 700 participants representing public institutions at the central and local level.

Participation in the conference of the most important decision-makers shaping the state digitization policy creates a unique opportunity to learn about the digital priorities of the government administration, directly from people supervising IT investments in the public sector.