Attention tech marketers – it’s showtime! Today’s marketing teams understand the value that great video content can bring to their marketing initiatives. That is why so many marketers are eager to explore or enhance their video marketing efforts to boost engagement and ultimately drive business.

Tech marketers are mindful of the benefits that high-impact videos can bring to their organization. But while 2020 research from the Content Marketing Institute shares that 80% of tech marketers have created video in the last year, some videos are still missing the mark. Why? Well, it may sound simple in theory, but actually creating videos that both serve a business purpose and that are memorable, entertaining, and valuable to audiences can be a challenge.

To help marketing teams incorporate all of these important elements into a strong, impactful video content strategy, we’ve created the MarketingFit Guide to B2B Video That Works. See a bit more of what the guide has to offer here:

  1. The Foundation of Memorable Video Marketing: During a Q&A with IDG’s video and content experts Ellen Fanning and Rob O’Regan, you will learn more about how to make effective videos that stand out as well as some telltale signs of an ineffective video that your team will want to avoid. For example, Rob discusses making meaningful videos that tell a story and allow your team to showcase what’s unique about your brand. Rob and Ellen also dig into the importance of how video marketing fits into a larger content strategy to help ensure that any efforts your marketing team makes are aligned to deliver value for both the audience and your business.
  2. Video Formats for Every Purpose: Video is a powerful way to deliver a message. And, choosing the most appropriate format will either help to propel your message, or could be one of the reasons your video falls flat. But how should marketers know what format is the best fit for the goal of their video? The MarketingFit Guide to B2B Video That Works takes readers through a variety of different video formats – from the whiteboard and animated videos all the way to live video streams and conferences – with advice on best uses of each format and what makes it sizzle vs. fizzle.
  3. The Importance of Pre-Production Planning: Most marketers can agree that great videos don’t just happen. If they did, we wouldn’t need this guide! But in reality, video production takes a lot of planning, and the more you think about it, the more there is to do! Read tips on mapping out key areas to cover, like making sure you have a script or other material, the appropriate studio or on-location logistics outlined, getting approvals, and more. It even provides on-screen tips for talent if your videos incorporate a presenter.

The MarketingFit Guide to B2B Video That Works aims to help tech marketers create impactful videos that showcase your product, service or organization in a holistic way and that will provide value to the intended B2B tech audience, therefore forging a connection and keeping you in mind when it’s time to buy. To learn more, download the full guide today.