Custom Research Services

Delivering insights to understand and engage your customers

The #1 challenge when outsourcing content marketing is finding partners with topical expertise – Foundry has that expertise, with the added value of aligning with our known and trusted brands to raise the profile of your content. Programs with a foundation in research can engage customers at a more strategic level, cut through the noise with data-driven content, enhance the credibility of  content and conversations by providing hard, relevant datapoints, and extend into a variety of content elements to educate customers throughout the B2B tech buyer’s journey.


of technology decision-makers say it’s challenging to find high-quality content.


of tech decision-makers are more likely to consider an technology/security vendor who educates them throughout the purchase process.


of tech decision-makers cite the lack of truly independent, unbiased information as a top challenge to finding high quality content (#2 overall).

Sources: Foundry Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker Study, 2022; Foundry Customer Engagement Study, 2021

Partnering with Foundry provides expert custom research and content strategists and creators, trusted brand alignment, and access to an audience of tech and security buyers. This unique combination is designed to help you understand your customers’ goals, challenges, and buyer preferences for your product or services.

Educating customers is essential


Research is used throughout the purchase process. 72% of IT decision-makers say that if a vendor does not supply educational content during their research, it negatively impacts their impression, and 60% say they need resources to educating non-technical functions.


The top challenges for tech marketers are creating content that appeals to multi-level roles within the target audience, and accessing subject matter experts to create content. Knowing your target audience is critical to create a successful, tailored strategy to meet their information needs.

Create value

A lot of content produced does not provide value and is ultimately a waste of time and resources: only 41% of downloaded work-related content provided ITDMs with value. We know good content works: 56% say they responded to vendor outreach when they shared valuable content or information with them.


Cut through the noise with well positioned, data-driven content aligned with trusted brands. Foundry’s high-quality products, processes and panels are designed to deliver the best results in a seamless process to fuel your marketing strategy.

We loved working with the research team, they set clear expectations and stuck to their timelines. They also gave us deadlines, which really helped! We received a good level of guidance from the team and the research was delivered in line with what we wanted “


Custom research solutions


This custom primary research program can be tailored to your specific needs to create insights, engaging content, and/or generate leads. We design your custom research specific to your content objectives and target audience to generate compelling and relevant peer-to-peer content that we know our audience wants to read. Our highly collaborative process allows for input into the research design and ensuing products but does not tax your existing resources. We can help you decide the scale of the research, and design and create the assets needed to fuel your customers’ educational journey.

  • You own rights to the survey results and unique data points
  • Data can be leveraged in a variety of custom content solutions
  • Research-based content is a valuable lead generation tool

Improved results

See how AccessData created awareness of their solutions and generated leads, with their Market Pulse program.

Custom quantitative research

If you need to survey multiple markets and regions, or different job titles, technology focus, or industry sectors, etc., our team can create a custom solution for you. We can source almost any target audience and advise on the best way to achieve your objectives. If you want to extend the research results, we will work with our content strategists, so the research data aligns with the content objectives.

Benefits of a custom project

  • Premium targeting–tailored to your specific needs, including very niche populations.
  • Tailored sample sizes–allows for a deeper analysis of the data and makes it easier to create multiple content formats.
  • Local, regional, and global reach–research insights can be turned into content that is localized to specific geos.

Research fueling content

See how ReliaQuest used co-branded research as the foundation to create content in multiple form factors to engage their audience.

Custom qualitative research

While quantitative research provides a clear picture of the market (the who, what, when, how many, etc.), it may not tell us the “why” or provide necessary context. To fill those gaps, in-depth interviews with senior IT and business leaders can provide that nuance, context, and commentary to support your hypotheses or business objectives.

Benefits of qualitative interviews

  • Tailored interview guide aligns with the quantitative research to bring that data to life and capture anecdotes and quotes from real IT leaders about real IT issues.
  • Verbatim comments can be purposed as pull quotes in content, marketing strategy planning, and internal product development.
  • Interviews are conducted by our specialized team of IT-focused interviewers.

Let’s talk about the best research programs for you to reach and engage this audience: