“Be ambitious.” That is the advice Amy Protexter, SVP of Marketing at Insight, shared with Matt Yorke, IDG’s Global Chief Revenue Officer, during a recent conversation. She applies this advice to many aspects of her job, including navigating digital transformation, incorporating company culture into everyday tasks, and building a collaborative sales and marketing relationship.

Get to Know Insight:

Insight empowers organizations of all sizes with Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions™ and services to maximize the business value of IT. Insight helps clients successfully manage their IT today while transforming for tomorrow.

Thriving in a Digital-First World Takes “Insight”

Over the past decade, Insight has transformed from being a traditional reseller to a global systems integrator. Amy has been a driving force in successfully bring a 30-year-old company into the digital-first world, which is not an easy feat and comes with its challenges. Through acquisitions and great partnerships with tech companies including Dell & VMware, Insight guides their clients through digital transformation.

The Age of Digital Transformation

Every company is a technology company. This is what makes digital transformation critical for success. What is Amy’s advice for company’s going through a digital transformation? Be strategic and intentional.

Another important aspect for a business to grow within the digital space is their company culture. Amy remarks “organization’s that focus on creating very desirable culture are the organizations that will succeed in the marketplace.” We currently have a highly competitive employment market, so building a culture that speaks to your employees –and to your clients–becomes a differentiation between you and the competitor.

Being Ambitious in the Ever-Evolving Digital Landscape

Insight’s brand transformation occurred over 7 years ago yet their brand position and brand elements remain just as fresh and bold as they did in 2015. Their values of hunger, heart, and harmony remain strongly intact and helped create the strong foundation for Insight’s future. Of course, what makes a rebrand work is the people who work there and their understanding of the brand DNA. Your employees should authenticate the brand by upholding its values. Amy’s favorite phrase “be ambitious” is a mantra that she lives by every day. Being ambitious allowed for Insight to transform into a future thinking solutions company with a timeless brand position and brand elements.

“Smarketing” 101

Amy’s term “smarketing” defines the alliance between the sales and marketing teams and encapsulates the transformation of the relationship between these two functions within the digital space. Amy emphasizes the importance of the joint effort between marketing and sales, as the buyers’ journey has shifted so must the approach to selling. One way “smarketing” tackles this new approach to selling is through testing the marketing team’s content with the salespeople to nail the key messaging framework. Insight’s recent campaign “Be Ambitious” embodies the success of “smarketing” and how collaboration between the two teams allows for even greater growth.

Insight on Thought Leadership

As we enter the Golden Age of B2B technology marketing and marketing in general it is important to bolster your business with thought leadership and authentic content. Create content on various platforms featuring various leaders; rely on the people who are working everyday with clients and bringing those solutions to clients. By leveraging the talent already at your disposal, the subject matter becomes more relevant and authentic to your brand.

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