Acknowledging the impact on global communication and the relationships cultivated through social media, June 30th is officially recognized as Social Media Day. It’s a day to bring the world together to celebrate the personal and professional connections made and the awareness that is brought to all types of initiatives due to social media. At Foundry, we’re all about building real and trusted relationships, and when used correctly, social media can have a profound influence on this. For Social Media Day, we wanted to highlight how IT decision-makers are using social media to research technology products and how marketers like yourself can ensure you’re engaging with them socially.

Exploring the use of social media

The value of social strategies is no surprise to technology marketers, as 81% use social media publishing/analytics to assist with their content marketing efforts, according to the Technology Content Marketing Benchmarks, Insights for 2022 report. In addition, 97% report to have used organic LinkedIn tactics to distribute content in the past 12 months, and 88% say that LinkedIn produced the best results, followed by Facebook. Among tech marketers who used paid social, the majority chose LinkedIn (95%) and said that this platform produced the best results as well.

More good news for tech markers is that IT decision-makers actively rely on online communities and discussion forums throughout the technology purchase process according to our 2022 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker study. They also actively use social sites for business purposes – 77% LinkedIn, 63% YouTube, 43% Twitter and 41% Facebook. Twitter and Facebook usage increases for IT decision-makers between the ages of 18 and 34. Looking specifically at where technology practitioners consume information, LinkedIn leads the way at 61%, followed by YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, they are sharing information on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and posting on those same channels.

Incorporating social into your marketing plan

  • Wanting to help technology marketers connect and build relationships with all IT roles, Foundry offers a variety of social solutions – ranging from quick turnaround social posts, to three-month community engagement programs. Whether you need assistance with messaging, deployment or analysis, our experts have you covered – get in touch with us today.
  • Following the trend of providing marketers with timely and quality products, Triblio (a Foundry company) which enables marketers to predict and grow pipeline through intent and account-based orchestration campaigns, offers a LinkedIn integration so you can maximize your success with matched audiences and engagement reporting.
  • It’s important to know what happens post-click when decision-makers see your paid and organic social posts. KickFire (a Foundry company) allows marketers to see what buying intent these decision-makers show when they visit your website and engage with your content. By identifying these in-market buyers, you’ll be able to spend your sales and marketing resources on the right buyers, at the right time.
  • It’s not enough to spray and pray your content on social media, hoping it lands in front of the right tech decision-maker at the right time. An intent data solution like LeadSift (a Foundry company) can enable you to engage decision-makers with content that resonates when they need it most. Gain a deeper understanding of what keywords, topics, events and competitors they engage with, craft your content accordingly and be top of mind once it’s time to buy.
  • Based on the research previously highlighted, we know that when IT decision-makers find content of value, they are likely to share on their social channels. With Selling Simplified’s (a Foundry company) Visonayr product, marketers have the ability to host multiple content formats with the option to embed social sharing features.  

No matter the technology product or solution, developing genuine relationships and driving brand awareness is key to successful marketing. It’s clear that social media is a large component of driving these tactics, so don’t miss your opportunity to expand your social presence and proficiency.

Happy #SocialMediaDay! We’d love to stay in touch with you socially – connect with all of us on LinkedIn – Foundry, KickFire, LeadSift, Selling Simplified, Triblio – and follow us on Twitter @FoundryIDG, @KickFire, @LeadSift, @SellingSimplif1, @Triblio.