State of the CIO Study 2023

This year, organizations are prioritizing cost management and performance optimization as the economy continues to be in an unprecedented state. But CIOs are remaining optimistic and focusing on operations even while their leadership role expands in preparation for the next wave of digital innovation. Foundry’s annual State of the CIO research highlights this shift in […]

Customer Engagement Study 2022

Over the past two years, organizations turned to technology to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, which ultimately accelerated digital transformation. As IT and business leaders review the initiatives put into place, they are now transitioning to supporting the business value of these initiatives and exploring solutions to improve the customer experience, improve internal processes, […]

ABM & Intent Benchmarking Study

Tech marketers have taken a particular interest in account-based marketing (ABM), given the complex factors that influence IT purchases. Foundry’s second global survey of 500 B2B technology marketers found that satisfaction with ABM continues to be high. While most organizations are still early in their adoption journey, the results to date indicate that ABM is […]

Partner Marketing Study 2022

It is no secret that partner marketing is complex – the inherent interdependencies among partners, the sheer number of partners working together, and competing priorities all add to the complexity – so hopefully the rewards make the efforts worth it all. Understanding what your peers at other tech companies are focusing their partner marketing efforts […]

Security Priorities Study 2022

Like many industries today, security departments are short staffed and struggling to fill their open headcount with skilled employees. This also comes at a time where cybersecurity attacks continue to be at the forefront and IT and business leaders recognize the drastic effects these have for their organization, especially when not readily equipped to tackle. […]

Technology Content Marketing: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

How does your content marketing strategy compare to the competition? Content Marketing Institute’s Technology Content Marketing: Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends report explores everything you need to know about content marketing in the tech space, including: Top content marketing goals for the coming year Shifts in content marketing budgets, team structure & outsourcing What top-performing tech […]

Future of Work Study 2022

In its first year, Foundry’s Future of Work study was conducted to better understand the workplace impact of the pandemic over the past two plus years and how organizations are planning to move forward, especially as it relates to remote and hybrid work. To no surprise, the research found that 94% of organizations shifted to […]

Data & Analytics Study 2022

Over the last several years, data & analytics tools have become vital to the success of organizations in all industries, and the adoption of these tools is not expected to slow. According to Foundry’s 2022 Data & Analytics study, 88% of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) agree that the collection and analysis of data has the potential […]

Cloud computing study 2022

In its 9th year, Foundry’s 2022 Cloud Computing research was conducted to measure cloud computing trends among technology decision-makers, including usage and top growth areas, investments, business drivers, challenges, and shifting services and applications to the cloud. According to this years findings, 69% of organizations have accelerated their cloud migration over the past 12 months, […]

Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker Study 2022

Fueled by the necessity presented due to the pandemic, organizations continue to seek out and adopt new technologies. Among many things, these new tools and solutions are powering customer interactions, automating business processes, and enabling a hybrid work environment. Depending on the technology being purchased, executives rely on specific information sources and individuals to help […]

Digital Business Research 2021

The pandemic accelerated organizations’ transition to become digital-first business – emphasizing the need to improve remote worker productivity along with the ability to leverage data insights to better understand customer requirements and optimize business performance. According to Foundry’s 2021 Digital Business study, which is the third year of the research, 61% of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) […]

CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2021

As businesses continue to bounce back from the past 15 months and build out their strategy for the upcoming year, IT decision-makers (ITDMs) are tasked with researching and implementing new technologies. CIO’s Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2021 research outlines the areas IT leaders will be focused on and measures the direction of spending in those […]