ABM has grown in recent years, being adopted by many marketing teams that previously relied solely on marketing automation and demand generation strategies. But more and more, marketing teams have been faced with problems of lead quality, lead volume, ROI, and conflict between marketing and sales teams. So, to those who may be facing such problems, you might be asking yourself, is ABM the answer for me? Use our quick checklist to see if your company would be well suited for an ABM program. 

Which of the following describe your company?

☑ SaaS

☑ B2B

☑ B2G

✗ B2C

ABM can be a great fit for businesses in a variety of industries, but is best suited for B2B or B2G facing companies. The SaaS industry has thrived on ABM strategies, but ABM can be useful in other industries such as manufacturing, construction, professional services, IT, HR, finance, and more. ABM programs thrive for companies with niche ideal customer profiles. 

Do you have experience with demand generation strategies? 

☑ Yes

✗ No

While Account-Based Marketing is a different approach from demand generation strategies, it’s helpful to have experience with demand generation strategies. Like with demand generation, in an ABM strategy, you want to identify ideal customer profiles and engage with them throughout the sales cycle, not just after they’ve completed a form fill. In ABM, the key difference that sets it apart from demand generation is its approach to leads. In ABM, we recognize that all leads are not created equal, that at the end of the day, a high number of MQLs is meaningless if the accounts don’t close or even become SQLs. Demand generation is casting a wide net, while ABM is aiming directly for the accounts you most want. Demand generation and ABM strategies can be combined to generate a high volume of quality accounts. 

What are your top goals for ABM? (select all that apply) 

☑ Better opportunities for sales 

☑ Proven pipeline impact 

☑ Integrated solution for marketing and sales 

☑ Higher efficiency for sales team

☑ Need to stand out in crowd with high value accounts

☑ Want to create a consistent message across platforms

It’s important to have clear goals for your ABM strategy in order to launch in a way that aligns closely with your goals. For example, if your main goal is to create a consistent message across platforms, utilizing cross channel account based advertising can help get you there.

What are you most concerned about with regard to adopting ABM? 

  • Need to prove ROI
  • How to get buy in from CEO
  • Scalability
  • Getting results fast

Also as important as having specific ABM goals is knowing the roadblocks that stand between your team and ABM success. We have case studies and plays that can speak to all of the above challenges to help eliminate roadblocks and launch a successful ABM program, and our customer success team crafts launch plans tailor-made for your business needs to help you secure quick wins and ABM greatness.

Talk to an ABM expert and learn more about whether ABM is right for you.