IDG’s global network of B2C publications are where transaction happens, providing expert advice on purchasing technology, and getting more from the tech our readers own. We are seeing unprecedented demand for our high-quality independent buying and user advice, as people are forced to rely on the tech they have in their homes. As global traffic and engagement continue to surge, our B2C brands—PCWorld, Macworld, TechHive, and TechAdvisor—continue to help millions of people daily in the multiple languages and dozens of markets we cover.

We are reader focused and know that tips for more efficient ways to work from home are in demand, as well as increased demand for home entertainment recommendations- with location-specific guides to streaming video, gaming, and more. Check out these trending stories:

Working from Home

Home Entertainment

People still need to purchase technology, so we’re adjusting our deals content to work from-home hardware such as surge protectors, displays, USB hubs, etc., as well as practical necessities such as webcams and microphones. To help with work/life balance while our offices are our homes, we’re looking for deals around connected exercise equipment, game consoles, software and games to entertain and educate children, and beyond for this “sheltered” lifestyle. While finding worthwhile deals is becoming difficult as key items aren’t being discounted, prices surge, and ship times are becoming untenably long, IDG’s editors continue to do that legwork on behalf of our readers, focused on surfacing true value for our loyal readers.

Because we will not be home forever, we will continue to produce expert independent product reviews and buying guides. Some key products — desktop CPUs, SSDs, laptops, TVs, smartphones, cameras — have always been tested in a lab environment and are now being reviewed in our editors’ homes, similar to how our buyers use them. As with other types of content, we will continue to pivot towards the kind of technology our users need in this unique period.


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