Building Bridges Between Enterprise Tech Buyers and Sellers Through Contextually Relevant and Brand Safe Experiences

Boston, Mass. – January 6, 2020IDG Communications, Inc. – the world’s leading tech media, data, and marketing services company – announces today that global ad inventory for our B2B sites will no longer be available on the open exchange (click to tweet). This move was done to enhance user experience and reinforce a commitment to brand safety and contextually relevant messaging. IDG’s commitment to premium content and experiences is evidenced by the more than 780,000 technology decision-makers that have registered for content through our IDG Insider program.

Enhancing User Experience
In the age of self-education and research, technology leaders rely on technology content sites to enhance their knowledge, and site credibility is extremely important according to IDG’s 2019 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker Study. Ensuring visitors are receiving the best experience during their precious research and education time, we aim to further align promotions with relevant content.  Traditionally, RTB, or open auction, transactions have been shown to slow page loads and are not compatible with providing fully contextual experiences.

“Business professionals turn to quality content and trusted websites to research solutions to challenges and learn about new technology. There is a high expectation of relevancy and quality content, which we are committed to,” said Kumaran Ramanathan, President of IDG Communications, Inc. “This move is important to ensure both our readers and advertisers have the quality experience they expect on IDG’s B2B sites.”

Opportunities for Tech Marketers
In this age of reputational currency, tech marketers must ensure that their company messaging appears in a brand safe environment and acknowledge that they receive more traction through placement on contextually relevant sites. IDG has a variety of opportunities for tech marketers to reach a premium audience and target prospects using IDG’s authenticated and robust 1st party data. Programmatic options will continue to be available via the private marketplace and programmatic guaranteed solutions, creating unique integrated branding and advertising experiences only available through a direct relationship with IDG.

“We are extremely proud of our 1st party insights and capabilities, particularly from our Insider subscriber data,” continued Ramanathan. “This data fuels our product development and delivery and through this insight we are able to build bridges between tech buyers and sellers in a contextually relevant way.”

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Lynn Holmlund
Marketing Director
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