As the world becomes more connected, I’m delighted to share that this week we have launched our latest premium publication, brand and community – CIO Middle East – which will allow CIOs in the region to understand new technology solutions, share best practices and collaborate, and make better decisions as they organize their businesses around digital transformation.

According to IDC, annual spending on digital transformation (DX) initiatives in the Middle East will more than double over the coming years as businesses apply new technologies to radically change processes, customer experience, and value. To succeed in this rapidly transforming tech ecosystem, CIOs and business leaders need access both to local and global insights. CIO Middle East will be sharing insights on the intersection of business and technology, enterprise tech platforms, customer centricity and more. As a global business we are excited to grow our presence and share insights with this key market.

We launched in this region with CIO, which is IDG’s premium brand in 28 regions globally, principally because the CIO is the most influential voice in the enterprise IT purchasing cycle.  IDG has spent the past 55 years witnessing change, delivering insights and building communities at the cutting edge of the technology world. We support, amplify and influence the most powerful tech buyers in the world — from business technologists to enthusiasts and everyone in between. Beyond informing a burgeoning community of business and technology leaders, we are excited to open new channels for tech marketers to connect with influential Middle Eastern CIOs to help them enhance their business during this fast-paced period of digital transformation.

Under IDG editorial oversight,  will combine world-class global tech expertise with local content written by a team of experts across the Middle East and Africa region. In the future we will expand our platform with face-to-face events and award programs which bring together CIOs and honor innovation and best practices. This investment draws on the institutional knowledge and experience of our global English-language CIO team, with experienced in-market editors covering the US, UK, ASEAN, Africa, India, and Australasia, based in cities such as Boston, New York, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Cape Town, Bangalore, Delhi, Singapore, Sydney, and Wellington.

CIO Middle East is supported by the appointment of Cristina Lago, as online editor. She, and her team of experts, will bring global and local insights to tech and business leaders in this thriving and competitive market, including Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Suadi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, UAE, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain.

We are committed to hiring local staff, and providing a platform for local CIOs and commentators to share their insights, analysis and opinion. We are seeking contributors in the region. If you want to work with us, be in touch by contacting Cristina Lago at

The enhanced focus on our editorial properties, their companion events, awards programs and marketing solutions builds upon our established businesses in the Middle East region, including IDG Connect and IDC’s regional headquarters based in Dubai. Our locally based sales team stand ready to help our customers in region engage with CIOs. Together, this robust portfolio of solutions provides insights, analysis and advertising opportunities for the MEA markets.

Matt Egan
Editorial Director
IDG Communications