Marketing Networking Products & Solutions

According to Network World’s 2020 State of the Network research, 59% of IT decision-makers say that their organization’s data center is undergoing change with the replacement of older technologies for new. This increases to 65% for enterprises and is 57% for SMBs. We also know organizations are likely to seek a new networking vendor due […]

Understanding the Networking-Specific Purchase Process [Infographic]

According to Network World’s 2020 State of the Network research, 91% of networking professional say that their working relationship with business management is highly/somewhat collaborative. This confirms the crucial role of the network and the importance of networking technologies to organizations. Based on various IDG research studies, this infographic outlines what goes into the networking […]

2020 State of the Network Executive Summary

To position their organization for future growth, IT decision-makers are eyeing several new technologies. This executive summary, based on the 2020 State of the Network research, looks at the current status of networking technologies such as 5G, SD-WAN and edge computing, and the benefits or challenges they are expected to bring to organizations. Within the […]

2020 State of the Network Study

The 2020 State of the Network research was conducted to better understand the role of the networking professional by looking at their level of collaboration with business leaders, their current activity with technology initiatives, and the challenges they are experiencing. This year’s research specifically focuses on four main networking technologies – 5G, SD-WAN, edge computing […]