How I do it: Kumaran Ramanathan, President, Foundry

This article was originally published by Colin Morrison in Flashes & Flames’ ‘How I do it’ series on 29 July, 2022. To enjoy more premium content like this, visit Flashes & Flames site. Kumaran Ramanathan (“Ram”) is president of Foundry (formerly IDG Communications) the media-data-events subsidiary of the US-based IDG Inc. He is a Brit […]

4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Carry into 2021

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a tumultuous year with its fair share of uncertainty. But if one thing is for sure, it’s that social media has proven itself to not only be a vital personal resource to stay connected, but also as an essential business tool. In fact, 93% of IT decision-makers […]

MarketingFit Guide Series

Through 3 actionable, tactical and digestible guides, this MarketingFit Guide Series can help tech marketers elevate and enhance their marketing strategy. As stand-alone resources, our guides on content marketing, social media and video provide the in-depth insights and expert tips necessary to help you ensure your marketing strategy is both sophisticated and successful. When used […]

Moving Beyond Amplification, Building a Strong Social Strategy

Social media has evolved far past its origin as an online network primarily for personal use. Today, social media has become a critical medium for marketers to reach and engage with current and future customers. Social media has become so important, in fact, that IDG research found 93% of IT decision-makers use social media for […]

MarketingFit Social Media Marketing 101

  Social media is an important resource for IT decision-makers (ITDMs) as the look for content and build their networks. But in the B2B world, marketers are still struggling to figure out the right social media strategy. So how do you go from using social as a megaphone shouting offers and promotions to a true […]

Surprise! IT Execs Jump into the Social Media Pool

If you think IT decision-makers (ITDMs) are too busy/important/serious to use social media, then we have a surprise for you. Recent IDG research shows that ITDMs are every bit as active in social channels as any other business professional. In fact, IDG’s 2018 Customer Engagement Research study found that 93% of ITDMs use social media […]

10 Digital Transformation Influencers to Follow Today

Digital transformation is no longer just an IT initiative – it’s a phenomenon that is top of mind for business leaders across all industries. C-Level executives and their teams are all working together to implement transformation technologies to deliver a better customer experience and ultimately, drive revenue. IDG’s 2018 State of Digital Business Transformation Study […]