The Sales Development Landscape 2023: The return of hybrid outsourcing

This survey was conducted in Q4 2022, as the global technology industry reached the peak of the long boom that started after the Great Financial Crisis. 2022 was also a year in which the proportion of technology companies pursuing a mixed strategy of in-house and outsourced sales development reached the highest levels recorded during the […]

Blend of both: in-house & outsourced sales development services

Sales development is a key driver for the success of any organization, ensuring that leads are identified, properly qualified and identified as a near term prospect before being swiftly transferred to sales representatives when the likelihood of a sale is high. As we know, sales development is complex, requiring an experienced team, dedicated sales development […]

Your Lead Scoring Workbook

We all know that leads are the lifeblood for business opportunities. No matter the organization or industry, lead generation is hugely important and demands a lot of employees, time, and money. However, a successful lead generation strategy doesn’t stop when you have a big pile of leads. That’s only half the battle. Lead scoring will […]

Lead scoring strategy to improve your pipeline

We know that high-quality leads have a clear business need and immediacy for the solutions you offer. The question is: How do we get these leads to sales development for nurturing in a quick and efficient way? The answer is lead scoring and automation. Before lead nurturing can take place, it is important to qualify […]

Tips to nurture marketing qualified leads to sales accepted leads

Studies show that 65% of companies don’t have a lead nurturing strategy in place. Why is this an issue? Because companies that have a working lead nurturing strategy produce 50% more sales-ready leads, at a staggering one-third of the cost. All too often, we see IT and tech organizations make this mistake in their pursuit of sales accepted leads […]

The 5 core skills every BDR needs

Business Development Representatives (BDR) are crucial for driving growth and increasing conversion rates. Their main function is to build the business side of an organization, and they do this through identifying new business opportunities and promoting growth, so it is no surprise that good BDRs are always in high demand as they often form the […]

Work with Sales Development Services

Foundry sales development services provides specialist outsourced business development teams for technology vendors. Our services help clients manage costs, improve conversion rates, and reach peak performance, without changing their in-house infrastructure. Research indicates that marketers continually strive to maintain engagement amongst their existing customers and attract prospects into their pipelines. But this is just half the battle. In fact, 7/10 […]

Overcoming challenges to hiring strong sales development representatives

If your organization can’t prospect, qualify and nurture leads, sales teams will be at the mercy of dead ends and low conversion rates. A healthy sales pipeline is full of qualified leads, that is why skilled sales development representatives (SDRs) are in such high demand. It is the job of the SDR to prospect, qualify […]

How to hire and train high-performance sales development teams

In theory, responding to inbound prospects and transforming MQLs into SQLs isn’t rocket science. But doing this at scale is where the challenges typically begin with sales development. On average, sales development teams generate around 30% of the leads exploited by account executives. Yet as we’ve seen, sales development is different. Staff turnover is high. […]

4 steps you can take to fix your channel partner relationships

The channel has been a mainstay for decades, helping vendors get their products and solutions out into the hands of customers at scale. However, the landscape transformed in the last few years, with several trends shifting the shape of the B2B buying world. These technological and competitive pressures have made channel relationships a lot more […]

Why aren’t your channel partners hitting sales targets?

Channel partners have been helping vendors get their products into the hands of customers for many years, making indirect sales possible. They can be a great asset, especially for multi-solution companies to rely on, where lead nurturing can be more complex. Channel Partners act as a middleman between a vendor and the customer, and take […]

The state of the Channel: transformation, technology and data

In the Channel, both vendors and resellers are dealing with waves of disruptive change on multiple fronts. We should remain alive to what we’re witnessing: nothing less than the reinvention of last mile industrial supply chains. The lessons being learned in the Channel today will set the template for the transformations of tomorrow across a multitude of […]