September 2023Canada, United States

FutureIT Canada: Focus on Cloud

Reimagine Your Cloud Strategy. Attend this one-day virtual summit to hear successful Canadian tech leaders and CIO’s as they share their stories from the cloud.

May 2023Canada, United States

FutureIT Canada | Building the Digital Enterprise with Cloud, AI & Security

In partnership with IDC

Cybercrime, Ransomware, Phishing. Cyberthreats continue to escalate throughout Canada as attackers grow ever stealthier and more nefarious. How can you keep up?

April 2023Canada, United States

CIO’s Future of Cloud and Data Summit

Our very popular Future of Cloud Summit explores the latest trends and innovations in cloud technology. Providing valuable insights for businesses and professionals seeking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving cloud computing industry.

June 7, 2023Sweden

IDG Security Day (Spring)

Speak alongside security experts to update IT leaders on the latest in cybersecurity best practice.

February 2023United States

CIO’s Future of Work Summit

Our highly anticipated event for leaders and professionals in the technology and business industries. This summit will explore how emerging technologies and shifting workplace trends will shape the future of work for organizations and individuals alike.

May 2023South Korea

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing covers top trends and topics including, but not limited to, smart factories, automation, OT security, and Industrial IoT. This event will provide actionable insights and guidance to create an effective pathway to the future.

June 2023South Korea

Digital Leaders’ Summit

The Digital Leaders’ Summit is the leading event for IT & business leaders in South Korea. This exclusive event will address trends for emerging technologies, digital transformation strategies, and leadership for sustainable business growth.

June 2023Germany

CIO Cyber Security Summit

Share your ideas, best practices and solutions with IT leaders in charge of cybersecurity with their organisations.

November 28, 2023Germany

CIO Data & AI Summit

Present your ideas and solutions to IT leaders looking to optimise their data-driven business models.

May 2023Spain

Future of Work

Share your ideas, best practices and solutions with IT decision-makers looking to fulfil and improve employee needs and experiences.

November 2023South Korea

Cloud & Edge Computing

Join the Cloud & Edge Computing conference, addressing cloud & edge computing technologies, edge networking, and cloud-First containers/Kubernetes to enhance business competitiveness in the future.

February 2023South Korea

Future of Security

Future of Security is an essential conference for cyber security and risk management leaders to continuously improve the flexibility and responsiveness of security risk management techniques and technology to achieve mission-critical objectives.