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December 6, 2022Ireland, United Kingdom

CSO 30 Awards UK

CSO 30 UK recognizes 30 IT leaders within the UK – from security specialists to IT directors/heads – who have made significant contributions to the advancement of information risk management and security within their organisations.

Entering the awards is a great way to celebrate your successes, advance your career and inspire the next generation of IT leaders. Winners will also be invited to an virtual awards celebration on 6 December, taking place alongside the CSO 30 Conference UK.

December 2022South Korea

Foundry IT Leader’s Summit

December 2022Sweden

CIO Leadership Summit + Awards

What is the secret to succeeding in the role of CIO? Is it the strategy, the technology, the employees, the ability to innovate or something else entirely?

Welcome to an event where you as the CIO are at the center and where it is about what makes the CIO’s leadership a success. During an intensive half-day (just over!) we offer inspiring lectures from leading experts as well as from your colleagues in the industry. It will be about:

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Governance issues
  • Compliance issues
  • Digital transformation

… with more.

This is not an event about tomorrow’s trends, the CIO Leadership Summit is about the here and now. How do you cope with everyday challenges and daily operations, while being open to change and development? Meet others with similar challenges and take the opportunity to network on our digital platform.

December 2022Spain

CIO 50 Awards

In this event, we will address topics such as how the modernization of the IT infrastructure , data strategies , the application of AI , automation or security , among others, are making possible a new multi- sector ecosystem , thus reshaping the ways of working established in the different verticals.

During this conference, organizations from the main sectors will be able to delve into how technology impacts the processes and businesses of their sectors: industry, communications, health, transportation, finance, manufacturing, energy, tourism, etc.

Join the Forum “Future of Industries 2022” and learn about the success stories and experiences of other professionals in your sector and other markets, to achieve success in an increasingly digitized economy.

January 26, 2023Germany

Channel Excellence Awards

There are many award ceremonies, honors and trophies in the IT industry: distributors honor the best manufacturers, manufacturers their favorite distributors, and everyone in turn honors their best partners. Enough of the honor in the channel, one might think.

But one important aspect is missing: How should individual specialist dealers and system houses reward those manufacturers and distributors who have done the best job in working with them? This is exactly what the Channel Excellence Awards , presented by ChannelPartner in cooperation with the market research institute CONTEXT , are for. We do not give our award, but yours!

February 2023India

Future of Work

February 2023Ireland, United Kingdom

CIO and Infoworld DevOps Summit

February 2023Poland

RPA&AI Tech Forum

We invite you to the RPA&AI Tech forum, which is 100% dedicated to the optimization and continuous improvement of business processes in Polish organizations through the use of
Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence solutions .

The conference will take place on February 9, 2023 in Warsaw. A large dose of practical knowledge based on real case studies, presented by the best experts, awaits the participants. There will be interviews with speakers and presentations of the most interesting solutions related to RPA implementations.

February 2023Sweden


CIO Trend, on February 15, sets the agenda for the IT year 2023! During a digital full day, you get to take part in the latest IT trends, an update on the technology waiting around the corner, and an important insight into other people’s businesses.

During the day, you will get to listen to experts, researchers, analysts, trend scouts and CIOs from several exciting companies. Among the speakers are also Sweden’s best CIOs – the five finalists, including the winner, of the heavy award CIO of the Year 2022!

Based on the uncertain world we live in right now, we will discuss topics such as:

  • Technology trends
  • sustainability
  • Cyber ​​security
  • Automation
  • AI

CIO Trend inspires you and challenges your way of thinking – a day that prepares you for all the new challenges ahead. Gain insights and lessons to take with you to 2023.

February 2023Canada, United States

CIO’s Future of Work North America in partnership with IDC

Leading in Disruptive Times