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Foundry events in Germany

Through our established portfolio of publishing brands and events, we have built an extensive community of technology, business, and security leaders in Germany, who rely on our content to help inform their business decisions. 

After understanding your business and target market, we can connect you to the right opportunities in our extensive calendar of events, to ensure that you get a maximum return on your investment and time. 

January 2024Germany

Channel Excellence Awards 2024

1 day, in-person event. 200 attendees

In-Person + Virtual
February 21, 2024Germany

Hamburger IT-Strategietage

2 days, 1200+ attendees

March 11, 2024Germany

Utilities Executive Xchange

2 days, 50+ attendees

March 12, 2024Germany

CIO Cloud Summit

1 day, 100+ attendees

April 16, 2024Germany

CIO Cyber Security Summit Germany

1 day, 100+ attendees

April 17, 2024Germany

Channels Meets Cloud

2 days, 100+ attendees

May 2024Germany

Data & Analytics Forum Germany

1 day, 50+ attendees

May 3, 2024Germany

CIO Charity Run & Bike Germany

17 days, 1100+ attendees

June 12, 2024Germany

IT-Strategietage Masterclass Germany

2 days, 100+ attendees

September 2024Germany

Channel Partner Konferenz Germany

1 day, 300+ attendees