Need to prove pipeline impact and looking for some quick wins? ABM has you covered. Check out the following account-based marketing solutions proven to generate quick and powerful steps to big wins.

Funnel new target accounts to specific reps.

It’s important to know your ideal customer profile (ICP). What is an ICP? Your ICP defines addressable market segments that gravitate towards their unique value propositions. Detailed in your ICP are important account characteristics such as target account personas and pain points. Once a contact is created, accounts are often assigned to random sales reps that might not always be the most compatible with their ICP. Instead, assign new target accounts to specific and compatible reps. Doing so can help with increased close rates, increased revenue per account, and higher sales productivity. You and your reps should be 100% clear on the accounts you’re going after.

Don’t have an ICP? Download The Modern Marketer’s Guide to ABM which includes ICP discovery questions and worksheets to help get you started.

Create display ad campaigns

Display ads can be low resource and great for quickly building awareness and boosting engagement. Target your key account segments with messaging specific to the industry, account tier, sales stage, intent surge, and more. Display ads boost target account awareness and engagement across all channels. This means that accounts targeted with well-designed ad campaigns should visit your site more, respond to sales at a higher rate, and convert more frequently (providing you those quick wins).

Personalize web channels for both unknown and known visitors

Another way to generate quick ABM wins is with personalization. Using personalization, marketers are able to target unique website visitors with relevant content wherever they are in their purchasing journey. Instead of waiting on form completions, ABM marketers can jump ahead of the competition with account-based insights that give visibility into purchase intent and engagement for both anonymous and registered stakeholders. This is important since 57% of the buyer’s journey is anonymous, according to CEB.

As soon as target accounts show interest, you can decide on your channel mix and add personalization to multiple web channels. These anonymous visitors are identified as being associated with a specific industry using a dataset that matches a visitor’s IP address to a specific account. This dataset is sourced from Foundry’s data.

Nurture and expand quality contacts

Shifting focus on account quality rather than quantity and expanding upon existing accounts is a key factor in seeing quick wins. Once contact is made and a sales rep is assigned; frequent client reorganization, moves, and mergers make it difficult for reps to keep track of the important contacts in their target account list.

Although we highlighted ABM quick wins – there are even more long-term and big picture benefits that account-based tactics provide. Schedule time with one of our experts and see for yourself how ABM platforms can uncover big picture opportunities and attribute pipeline to your ABM campaigns.