Briony Rowe

Global Events Director

Briony, the lead expert in international events at Foundry, collaborates closely with global commercial teams to customize solutions for clients. With 20+ years in the events industry and a background in American and English Literature, she ensures event success by aligning them with client objectives. Briony has worked extensively in B2B events for finance and tech sectors at companies like Euromoney and Incisive Media. Apart from her primary role, Briony serves as a Mental Health First Aider at Foundry and contributes to the Wellbeing Committee for Western Europe.

Articles by Briony Rowe


The modern role of events

B2B events offer an unparalleled experience, unmatched by any other B2B channel.   Events create an engaging platform where we connect directly with our audience, hearing about their experiences and challenges firsthand, and fostering genuine conversations. These interactions help us understand our audience better, build trust, and establish meaningful relationships, leading to the best possible outcomes [...]

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