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2020 State of the CIO Executive Summary

CIOs have been taking on responsibilities outside of IT for many years now – whether that be defining core business strategy or cultivating customer and board room relationships. The one thing that’s changing based on the 2020 State of the CIO research is the recognition they receive from the executives and line of business (LOB) […]

2020 State of the CIO

CIO’s 2020 State of the CIO research helps define the CIO agenda for the upcoming year and outlines the responsibilities and challenges facing senior tech leaders. This year, the results highlight the growing recognition of the value that CIO’s bring to business strategy as well as their increasing customer-centric focus. Two-thirds (67%) of CIOs say […]

Security Priorities Blog Series – Part Three: Keeping a Strategic Focus is Difficult

When a security team can focus more of their time addressing strategic issues, as opposed to tactical ones, we know that a host of benefits can flow from that. Less downtime, fewer breaches, and fewer financial losses, to name a few. The challenge, for any organization, is that there are always those tactical issues that […]

It’s Time for Content Marketers to Narrow the ‘Value Gap’

IDG’s Customer Engagement survey, now in its 7th year, always includes a few surprises. But it also includes a few themes that carry over from year to year. The one constant that deserves marketers’ full attention is what I call the “value gap”– the disconnect between IT buyers’ need for relevant, helpful content and technology […]

Partner Marketing Executives Share Their Top Challenges

Partner marketing is growing in popularity, but are the results matching its growing fame? The complexity of executing strategy through partners makes it increasingly difficult to prove success. To help uncover some of the industry’s challenges specific to partner marketing, IDG hosted its first Partner Marketing Executive Dinner this fall in Silicon Valley. With a […]

Security Priorities Blog Series – Part Two: Where Security Falls Down

While it’s necessary to comprehend the key security priorities for organizations year over year, what I find even more interesting to examine is where security feels they are falling down. What are those areas in which they give themselves a poor grade, regardless of the reason? These topics are, in some ways, even more important […]

2019 Customer Engagement White Paper

The buying cycle is more complex than ever, with 21 IT and business decision-makers involved, on average. The good news for technology providers is that they can break through any barriers with content that educates and appeals to the specific needs of the prospects. The 2019 Customer Engagement white paper outlines the preferred content types […]

Security Priorities Blog Series – Part One: Top Priorities for Next 12 Months

There’s an old saying, “you can’t fix something until you admit it’s broken.” I’m often drawn back to that when I look at how businesses are addressing security and the guard rails that are put in place to guide their approach. For years, security leaders have struggled to adopt a smart, risk-based approach to security, […]

2019 Customer Engagement Study

In the 7th year of the study, the 2019 IDG Customer Engagement survey provides in-depth information on the various types and volume of content consumed throughout the technology purchase process. The research looks at how challenging it is for IT decision-makers (ITDMs) to find high quality information, the types of content they’re willing to register […]

IDG Editorial: Unprecedented Quality at Scale

Quality content is the foundation of all relationships, and IDG continues to be committed to quality editorial across the globe. Here’s why. For more than 50 years, IDG has produced premium editorial content on a global scale. It has never been a more critical part of our business, even as we complete the transition from […]

Secure Your Relationship with Security Execs – Insights from the Security Priorities Breakfast, Palo Alto

Marketers need to get inside the minds of their customers. In the security world, that means the mind of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Bay Area technology marketers enjoyed a great chance to do so at IDG’s Security Priorities Breakfast, hosted by CSO Publisher Bob Bragdon on October 10th in Palo Alto. The meeting […]

2019 Role of the Developer Executive Summary

Examining the Many Roles & Responsibilities Within Software Development  IDG’s 2019 Role of the Developer survey set out to better understand how developers are spending their time and what they’d like to focus more on, along with how technology modernizations are impacting their roles. This executive summary explores the current priorities of these individuals, the […]