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Content Marketing Strategy: Earn Your Way into Consideration

IDG’s 2019 Customer Engagement study found 72% of technology buyers say it’s challenging to find credible content. Why, we wonder, in a landscape where organizations are publishing a variety of marketing materials, is it difficult for tech buyers to locate enough quality, trusted information? The disparity here lies not with a lack of content, because […]

Understanding the Tech Initiatives & Priorities of Today’s CIOs

It’s that time of year again; CIO’s annual State of the CIO report is released. This year’s survey examines how CIOs are seeing their role transition within their respective companies as technology continues to drive business forward. To bring this data to life, SVP/General Manager, IDG Events & Publisher, CIO, Adam Dennison hosted a webcast […]

MarketingFit Social Media Marketing 101

  Social media is an important resource for IT decision-makers (ITDMs) as the look for content and build their networks. But in the B2B world, marketers are still struggling to figure out the right social media strategy. So how do you go from using social as a megaphone shouting offers and promotions to a true […]

Event Marketing in a Crisis Environment

In the 18 years since we launched CSO magazine, we have kept a close watch on crisis situations – part and parcel of the risk management discussion we guide our readers through. In 2002/3 it was SARS. In 2006/7 it was all about pandemic planning as businesses braced for Avian Flu. After that is was […]

Technology Content Marketing 2020: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

Content Marketing Institute’s new research finds that 74% of technology marketers have a content marketing strategy. Download this report to uncover how other organizations are utilizing content marketing techniques and benchmark yourself against the competition. Download the report to learn: Top content challenges that tech marketers face Content marketing goals for the coming year Leading […]

MarketingFit Content Marketing 101

 Content really is king. But, as critical as a content strategy is to your overall marketing plan, many tech marketers still struggle to create relevant and interesting content to engage their target audience. So, how do you create great content that will resonate with tech buyers and make your organization stand out from the rest? […]

2020 State of the CIO White Paper

As IT leaders take charge of an expansive business strategy and revenue-generation portfolio, they are finally scoring recognition for their leadership talents. This white paper, based on the 2020 State of the CIO research, outlines the areas where the CIO’s role is developing, the tasks that currently make up their responsibilities, and the tasks they […]

2020 IDG Partner Marketing White Paper

Partner marketing has gone from a benefit enjoyed by only the largest firms to an essential component of a modern sales and marketing ecosystem. IDG’s Partner Marketing research study helps defines the value of partner marketing along with the benefits and challenges that marketers experience. The good news is that the value of partner marketing […]

2020 IDG Partner Marketing Study

First conducted in 2014, the 2020 Foundry* Partner Marketing research continues to provide insight into the benefits and challenges of partner marketing, and the partner initiatives that companies have in place. This year the study found that 62% of those involved in partner marketing decisions believe that partner marketing is a necessary tactic that provides […]

CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2020

The CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2020 research outlines the technology areas that IT leaders will focus on in the upcoming year and measures the spending direction for each of these technologies. The results this year find that cybersecurity and analytics tools will see the largest spending increase and shares how IT executives plan to […]

How Do Developers Achieve Success?

When it comes to the technicalities within the tech purchase process, such as ensuring efficient software integration or researching new tools and solutions, who do tech leaders rely on? The answer: the developer. According to IDG’s 2019 Role of the Developer study, 56% of those on the application development team say they are brought into […]

Using Research to Shape your 2020 Marketing Goals

Research is the backbone of strategic marketing – whether it’s to help steer the direction of product marketing, direct a content marketing plan, or support the alignment of sales and marketing efforts. Each year, IDG’s marketing team conducts several primary research studies to better understand the activities and drivers of our tech buying audience, including […]