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CMO Perspectives: Emma Roffey, VP Marketing EMEAR, Cisco

In this episode of CMO Perspectives, Cisco’s VP Marketing, EMEAR, Emma Roffey, joins Foundry’s Global CRO, Matt Yorke, to discuss her role, which includes customer and partner advocacy, Cisco’s use of intent data, and a CMO dashboard. ABM/Intent focus Traditionally, Cisco focused on scaling rather than ABM. However, in the last year they have been […]

State of the CIO 2023 white paper

The CIOs’ ever expanding role Unlike years past, IT leadership isn’t bogged down by the mountain of functional and transformational work. Instead, CIOs are routinely sought after for their management and business expertise. They are taking ownership of new domains, and maturing as one of the preeminent executive strategic partners. Based on the 2023 State of […]

Generative AI will transform the way we engage with content… just don’t ask it to write the news

No one can be certain of the full impact Generative AI will have on content production and consumption, but two things are certain: the impact will be huge, and AI won’t replace human creators. Generative AI tools do not replace human beings if you have a sincere concern for your audience. But used with skill […]

Does your content marketing deliver on a brand-to-demand scale?

As technology becomes pervasive in business, choosing the right products and services becomes increasingly critical for technology buyers and other stakeholders. The purchase decisions IT teams make can have an outsized influence on business performance. Technology marketers understand the opportunity – and the urgency – to influence buyers along each stage of this decision-making process, […]

Did intent data predict the winners of the Oscars?

“And the Oscar goes to…“ The Academy Awards is the biggest night in Hollywood. Film industry elites flock together to witness a lucky few receive the prestigious award. As a company obsessed with data, we set out to push the limits of intent data through popular culture. Intent data is ever-evolving in marketing and sales. […]

On International Women’s Day, Foundry joins CPB London, Assembly Global, OPEN Media, KWT, and Good Stuff to change the narrative

When he shouts in the meeting, he’s seen as being passionate about his work. When she shouts, she’s hysterical. He’s ambitious. She’s pushy. He’s assertive, but she’s bossy.  All too regularly, we use different language to describe the same behavior based solely on whether it’s performed by a man or a woman in the workplace—a […]

Expert vs. AI: Top 7 Partner Marketing Predictions

In the weeks since its debut, ChatGPT has set the internet abuzz. We decided to test the chatbot’s knowledge by putting it up against our partner marketing expert, Rick Currier, Foundry’s VP of US Sales & Partner Marketing. Here are ChatGPT’s top 7 predictions on “the future of technology partner marketing” and Rick’s reactions: 1. […]

IBM Cloud Innovators Case Study

Championing CIOs as the enablers of cloud innovation To promote IBM’s cloud offering, Foundry built a strategy that placed CIOs at the heart of the program and walked prospects through the cloud transformation journey: driving interest, consideration and action.

CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2023 – Executive summary

IT organizations appear to be proceeding with a glass-half-full mentality despite recent economic and geopolitical challenges. In fact, IT budgets are expected to increase for more than half of organizations surveyed in Foundry’s 2023 CIO Tech Priorities study. The 2023 CIO Tech Priorities Study, which surveyed 267 IT leaders was conducted to gauge which technology […]

CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2023

As businesses attempt to alleviate the impact from current economic disruptions brought about by inflationary pressures, supply chain constraints, labor and skills shortages, and geopolitical threats, they are turning towards technology to help them get there. According to CIO’s latest CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities study, 64% of IT decision-makers agree that their organization is […]

CIO: Reimagining the world’s most trusted B2B tech editorial brand 

This week we introduced one of the most significant developments in the nearly 40-year history of CIO: an entirely new brand platform and design system. It’s the result of a multi-year process that started with the simple question, “How can we make a great brand and deep relationships even stronger?”.     CIO is the leading source […]

Foundry 1-Year Anniversary

February 17th, 2023 marks one year since we made a bold move to rebrand our nearly 60-year old company, IDG Communications, to Foundry. In serving the technology community for over five decades, we knew that to continue serving them, we had to evolve and reinvent, and so we developed a new category of a company […]